Joe Biden's Wild Cackle When Asked About His Failures Points to Man in Far Over His Head

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Last night, Joe Biden did his first sit-down interview in months, though it happened within the friendly confines of ABC News. As per our usual arrangement, he had some senile moments, confusing COVID tests and “pills” multiple times. He also gave a really strange answer about his ability to run in 2024 that probably said a lot more than he meant it to say.


Then there was this revealing exchange where Biden is asked about Kamala Harris’ claim that no one in the administration saw the Delta and Omicron variants of the coronavirus coming. I think it says a lot about where the president actually is.

First, Has Biden been taking lessons from Harris on laughing awkwardly and inappropriately when asked a serious question? Secondly, his answer is an outright lie. Plenty of people saw the possibility of another variant emerging, including his own CDC. His falsehood is reminiscent of the lies he told about Afghanistan in which he claimed none of his advisers predicted the Taliban would take over the country so quickly.

It’s one of Biden’s weird ticks that anytime he’s trapped in a failure of his own making, he reverts to insisting that no one else could have done better or foreseen what he didn’t foresee. It’s nonsense, but it’s also not persuasive at all. Presidents are elected to be ahead of the game, not to make excuses for always being a step behind.

What this all illustrates to me is that Biden is so far in over his head that he can’t see the surface anymore. It’s been said before, but this is why American voters should be very skeptical of ever putting a senator into the office of the presidency. Far too often, they simply lack the executive prowess and mental acuity to handle the job. Being a senator bears no relationship to being president. You sit back, have your staffers write garbage legislation, and you vote. You then go out in front of the cameras and claim you are saving the world while only working 175 days a year.


To the extent that skill is involved in the job, that really only applies to the leadership positions where tactical maneuvers are necessary. That was never Biden’s purview, though. Rather, he was always the bumbling idiot of the Senate who tried to make himself seem more important than he was.

Now, that man is president, and his lack of ability to perform the duties of the office has never been more clear. He can’t do an interview without stepping all over himself. His policies have failed, and even with every built-in advantage handed to him by the Trump administration, including multiple vaccines, Biden has managed to flop on COVID as well. That he is even discussing running again in 2024 is ludicrous.



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