Joy Reid Loses It on Elon Musk for the Dumbest Reason Possible

Joy Reid Loses It on Elon Musk for the Dumbest Reason Possible
Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Elon Musk seems to be tweaking the left a lot these days. After the billionaire entrepreneur was attacked by Sen. Elizabeth Warren for supposedly not paying his taxes (spoiler: he is paying his taxes), a social media battle commenced. By my judgment, Musk got the better of the Massachusetts senator.

But it was one insult he dropped that had MSNBC’s Joy Reid clutching her pearls. Did he use some obscene vernacular to attack Warren? Nah, he just called her a Karen. But according to Reid, it’s now racial appropriation to use the term “Karen” because apparently, only black people can use it or something?

Hey, I didn’t claim it made sense. I report, you decide.

What must it be like to live a life that is obsessed with race? Reid’s entire worldview revolves around accusing others of racism, and she manages to read it into almost everything. That obsession is then further bolstered by the insane line-up of repeat guests she has on her show.

But, as you would expect, there are some problems here with what Reid is claiming. For example, is calling an uptight white woman a “Karen” appropriating blackness? Did the term originate in black culture? The answer is no. The use of the term “Karen” in a derogatory fashion was actually popularized by lily white comedian Dane Cook in 2006 as part of a sketch called “That Friend Nobody Likes.”

Here’s the video for those that want to partake in some adult comedy (WARNING: Language).

So right off the bat, Reid is simply wrong in asserting that Musk is racially appropriating anything. As far as I can tell, Cook was the first person to introduce the joke that women named Karen are always “douchebags” (his word, not mine).

Ironically, that means that Reid is actually violating her own ridiculous standard by which she claims one race of people can’t use insults popularized by another race. Now, to be clear, I personally believe that standard is ludicrous and that everyone should be able to use the “Karen” insult at their leisure. But that’s the standard Reid herself set in place here, so is she a racist?

Secondly, her standard is inconsistent anyway. Remember, the idea behind black people only being able to say the n-word is that it was appropriated from white racists (I wish no one would use it given how abhorrent the term is). So white people can’t appropriate insults but black people can? Again, that’s not my standard, that’s Reid’s, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Besides, calling someone a “Karen” has become somewhat of a racial insult so shouldn’t Reid be against using it at all instead of defending it as somehow the sole property of black culture?

For his part, Musk doubled down after Reid’s attack.

In summary, everything is stupid. Joy Reid continues to be a nutjob and she managed to get essentially everything wrong here in trying to attack Musk. So yeah, it’s like essentially every other day for the MSNBC host.

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