MSNBC's Joy Reid and Guests Tag-Team in Effort to Portray Conservatives as 'Hideous Racists'

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As I began to write, it occurred to me: Living life as race-hustling, Trump-hating, unscrupulous Joy Reid must be a sweet gig. Think about it. The MSNBC host is unencumbered by truth, objectivity, morality, and any number of other such qualities.

As a result, with a complete lack of decency and no ethical constraints to get in her way, Reid has a clear canvass, Monday through Friday, on which to spew her hateful bile — with a rotating cast of equally bitter, like-minded loons to spew right along with her.

Such was the case on Tuesday when Reid and her equally deluded guests, Joan Walsh of the left-wing rag, The Nation, and Charlie Sykes of the equally nonsensical The Bulwark, did their silliest to portray Fox News as nothing but a bunch of Neanderthals who think COVID was never real and the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

How cute. Got jealousy, Joyless?

Ironically, Walsh had the ball audacity to go after Fox’s White House correspondent Peter Doocy as an example — the only respectable, at least on a consistent basis — reporter in the White House press pool. As transcribed by NewsBusters:

“They have a White House reporter, correspondent, Peter Doocy, he couldn’t go and he likes to bug Jen Psaki all the time and, you know, get attention for himself — he couldn’t go there and say, hey, what’s this about, Biden being the hamburglar, and what’s this about Kamala Harris’s book being given to every poor, migrant child. That’s what you do. You report out a story. They don’t even bother doing that anymore. It’s insane, frankly.”

Frankly, Joan? What’s insane is you dissing Doocy as someone who likes to “bug Jen Psaki” —”you know, get attention for himself” — when pompous self-absorbed clowns like CNN stooge Jim Acosta made a complete fool out of himself on a daily basis during the Trump administration.

Reid and Sykes then tag-teamed on comments from a right-wing columnist in which he said he won’t get vaccinated solely for the purpose of ticking off the left — and of course, it was hilarious in its venomous bile:


“Charlie Sykes, you tweeted a thing, I mean, that a right-wing, you know, 29-year-old wrote about how I’m not going to get vaccinated just because me not being vaccinated owns the libs and it makes them mad.

“It’s like, baby, if you end up in the ER, I’m not the one who’s going to be mad. You the one who’s going to be in the ER. You’re going to be a ventilator and not me.

“Like, they actually think that I will risk death just to own the libs. That is crazy. What is happening?”

“Na-na-na-na-na-na! If you get COVID, you Neanderthal, you’re the one who’s gonna be really mad — not me!”


“Well, it’s a pretty good encapsulation of American conservatism in 2021. [Wrong.] You know, it’s not about these ideas. It’s about owning the libs, as you mentioned a little bit earlier, it’s about constantly feeding the outrage machine. [Pot, meet kettle.] It is a little like watching an addict, you know, figuring how we can stoke it up. [Kinda like Trump Derangement Syndrome?]

“We need to come up with something more outrageous but, you know, what is interesting? You talked about Joe Biden’s normalcy. [BWAHAHAHAHA] But, you know, I will look at it in a slightly different way. Look, where is the tea party resistance right now? [Certainly not burning down our cities like Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa anarchists, Scooter.]

“They— Joe Biden is — is proposing $1 trillion proposal after another, this is the largest expansion of the federal government since the New Deal, Great Society, [Well hell, Charlie, wer’e in agreement on that one. Speaking of which how did those work out?], and yet, there is no tea party out there [burning and looting, in “peaceful protest,” of course.] There’s no energy. [Chaos]

“They’re not talking about the deficit after four years of Donald Trump. [Now you’re lying bigly.] They’re not even talking about health care anymore. [Because conservatives are too busy right now fighting against the current left-wing crap Biden is foisting on America with his wealth-redistrbution pen.] What is the real passion? [We’ve already covered that.]

“Well, the thing they’re passionate about is continuing the big lie about stopping the steal.” [Again, wrong.]

Nice chat, Charlie.

At one point in the segment, Reid praised white-guilt-ridden Walsh’s 2013 book, “What’s the Matter With White People?“, in which the leftist argued that “the biggest divide in America today is based not on party or ideology but on two competing explanations for why middle-class stability has been shaken since the 1970s.”

One side sees an America that has spent the last forty years bankrupting the country by providing benefits for the underachieving, the immoral, and the undeserving—no matter the cost to the majority of Americans. Walsh postulated, while “the other side sees an America that has spent the last forty years catering to the wealthy while allowing only a nominal measure of progress for the downtrodden.”

Gee, Joan — I wonder which “side” is which?

Reid shilled for Walsh’s book as follows:

“I do recommend people read this book “What’s the Matter with White People?” because it goes through the fact that the New Deal and the things that a lot of white, working class people used to cherish, they now hate because they just associate it with black people and they say that the things that saves their own families throughout the 1940s and ’50s are all now welfare and they’re all bad because diverse people get access to them.

“Isn’t basically that — that’s all there is? That’s why Fox News is in the outrage business because they’re just, like, mad at people who aren’t white Christians.” [The depth of your complete lack of self-awareness, Joyless, is matched only by the height of your hypocrisy.]

I’ve said it in the past and I’m sure I’ll say it in the future, multiple times. How bad must it suck to go to bed every night, bitter and angry at half of America, wake feeling the same way, and repeat that miserable life, day after day, month after month, and year after year?

No wonder the left is so pinched up.

Incidentally, “Leo 2.0” asked a legit question a couple of days ago, in reference to the arrest of Marion Lewis, 18, who has been charged with shooting and killing a 7-year-old girl at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Where were Joy Reid and the other race-hustlers? Where would the same people have been if a white suspect had been arrested for the shooting death of a little black girl? Rhetorical, of course.

Um, Joyless? Got hypocrisy, do ya?

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