Elon Musk Bodies Elizabeth Warren as She Goes to War With Big Meat

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

I know what you are thinking with this headline, but I promise, it’s completely accurate and not at all click-bait.

For the most part, we haven’t heard much from Elizabeth Warren since her 2020 presidential campaign bit the dust. Once seen as a rising star, she’s now been relegated to taking shots at Elon Musk and warring with Big Meat. No, I’m not kidding.


Here’s Warren letting it be known that the problem with those high meat prices you are paying at the grocery store (if you can even find what you need) isn’t the Joe Biden-induced inflationary boom. Rather, it’s those greedy corporate meat monopolies.

So much of Democrat rhetoric is just repeating the same absurdities over and over again. Notice that every single time a Democrat becomes president, suddenly corporations become super-greedy, seeking to raise prices on consumers. We see that same argument when it comes to gas prices. But the logical question should be: why they don’t exercise all that greed when a Republican is in office? Do corporations like making money or not? Obviously, they do, which means there’d be no reason for them to wait around until Joe Biden takes office to be greedy if that’s what this is about.

By the way, the “analysis” cited by Reuters in the above article comes from the White House, so yeah, not exactly the most unbiased source.


There’s just no sense in claiming that in the middle of a huge inflation spike, that the problem with meat prices is actually Big Meat colluding with itself to raise consumer costs. If those processors were going to do that, why didn’t they do it in 2018? It’s not a coincidence that these price hikes correlate with Democrat economic policies after Democrat presidents seize power. No amount of yelling at the clouds will change that reality, but Warren really loves yelling at clouds.

Case in point? She took this shot at Elon Musk today, after which he absolutely bodied her.

Describing Elizabeth Warren as a Karen who just randomly yells at people is the most accurate description of the Massachusetts senator I’ve ever seen. Truly, Musk’s reply game is as good as his space game.

Warren’s entire schtick is to just spew out the same class warfare talking points repeatedly. The only thing that changes is her target, but everything else is always the same. In this case, she’s pushing the idea that Musk doesn’t pay his taxes. But is that true? Does Musk skip out on his taxes? Of course, he doesn’t. Rather, what Warren is complaining about is that he isn’t taxed on unrealized capital gains from stock he hasn’t actually sold and profited from.


To a normal person, that seems insane. Why would the government have the right to tax income that hasn’t actually been made yet? But to Warren, it’s yet another brilliant way for her and her cohorts to steal money from people. The playbook never changes. The rhetoric never changes. The excuses never change.

But while most don’t have the platform to take on Warren, Musk has more than enough clout and reach to hit back at her. That’s certainly entertaining to see, but it’s also a moral good. The policies Warren pushes are not just bad for working Americans, they are immoral. I’m all for making sure billionaires pay the legal amount of taxes they owe, but when things cross over into outright theft (which Warren’s tax proposals are), that’s simply indefensible.


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