CNN's Brian Stelter: Smollett Is a "Victim" Again, "We May Never Know" What Happened

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This amazing in its brazenness. CNN’s hall monitor, Brian Stelter, has a long history of fluffing left wingers while insisting he’s just a straight news man. It’s the latter part of that statement that makes him so unbearable. He’s nothing but a propagandist and he knows it, but he infaticaly insists on us recognizing his supposed objectivity.


As you’ve probably heard, Jussie Smollett had the charges against him  dropped and the details of it are disturbing to say the least. The evidence against Smollett is not in question, yet the SA decided to drop the charges anyway because he did community service. No, I’m not making that up. The entire episode reeks of corruption.

So what does Stelter do? First he runs to Twitter to post the objectively untrue claim by Smollett’s lawyer that he was attacked.

Even now, he’s mindlessly parroting Smollett’s claims with no questioning.

Nice to know he’s doubling as Smollett’s PR agent in all this.

He also, in much the same way he hand waved away CNN’s failures on the collusion story, blamed TMZ for making the story political. In actuality, it was Smollett who made the “MAGA country” claim and CNN had one of its primetime “anchors” communicating with Smollett via text message to “encourage him.” It wasn’t TMZ reporting facts that politicized this.


Perhaps worse, he went on CNN under the guise of breaking news coverage and decided to pretend that this is all just a big mystery.

I had to almost double take at that line. Smollett is back to being a victim again? That’s an incredibly dishonest take, even for CNN. The evidence isn’t in question, including the video, witnesses, and the paper trail.

Brian took issue with those questioning how he could offer such a vapid take.

Even the State Attorney is still claiming the case was a slam dunk and that the CPD did nothing wrong in their investigation. Despite what looks like a corrupt attempt to get him off,  Smollett has decided to spike the football anyway. That’s to be expected from someone who appears to be an actual psychopath. This guy clearly has no issue with lying and even grandstanding in the midst of his lies.


What shouldn’t be expected is a major news network gaslighting its viewers like this. We know what happened here. It’s not a mystery nor is there sufficient gray area to promote it as one. The facts say Smollett was not a victim, yet here’s Stelter presenting him as if he is one and pretending that the questions of the case are still in doubt.

It’s a damning indictment of just how awful CNN has become as a network. Stelter, despite his longing for respect, has become nothing but comic relief given the sheer absurdity of his bias. At least he’s got that going for him.


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