CNN Gets Scammed With an Assist From Cori Bush

CNN Gets Scammed With an Assist From Cori Bush
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File

We are entering the second week of Joe Biden’s blatantly unconstitutional eviction moratorium extension. The courts are moving at a snail’s pace, just as Biden said they would, and Republicans are too busy trying to hand the president a policy win via the infrastructure deal. Meanwhile, the media are lauding the move even while admitting it’s likely not legal because nothing matters anymore.

CNN was, of course, at the top of the list for pushing propaganda regarding the issue. They did so by publicizing a supposed mother of three in Las Vegas who claimed she was going to be evicted. Rep. Cori Bush offered an assist, speaking to the mother live on air. The result was pure, partisan emotion that ignored all the reasons why the extension was not only in defiance of the Supreme Court but was a wrong move on a practical level as well.

That appearance led to a GoFundMe being set up for the woman in question which raised over $200,000 dollars. But…then the truth came out.

The entire thing was a scam. The children in the above video are not her children nor do they live with her. As to whether she was going to be evicted, that may also be a lie. Past that, the idea that she wasn’t able to go out and get a job to pay her own rent also seems to be false given the three kids are not hers.

In other words, CNN got absolutely, embarrassingly played her by a grifter looking to make a quick buck. Further, Cori Bush, being the disingenuous hack she is, helped propagate this.

Here’s a tip for everyone: Stop giving money to online GoFundMe campaigns. There are plenty of people within everyone’s personal orbit that need help. Vet those needs in your local community and be charitable, but even if this woman’s story was true, what does she need $200,000 for? It’s an insane misallocation of charitable resources, and that’s before we found out it was a scam.

But, in this case, we know it was a scam, and CNN should be ashamed for publicizing this garbage, thereby making the scam possible. They put this woman on-air multiple times, apparently not taking even a second to try to vet her claims. They then put Bush on air to further the narrative, again without checking the facts. Why? Because they thought it helped support Biden’s unconstitutional order. No other calculation was made except “Will this help Democrats?” That’s not journalism, it’s activism.

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