Joe Biden Mimics Barack Obama With Absolutely Ludicrous Overseas Apology

Joe Biden Mimics Barack Obama With Absolutely Ludicrous Overseas Apology
AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

Joe Biden would like you to know he’s sorry. No, he’s not sorry for kneecapping the US economy or causing middle-class crushing inflation with his irresponsible, nonsensical policies. He’s certainly not sorry for causing the border crisis or his deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Rather, he’d like to apologize for the United States leaving the Paris Accords during the Trump administration. Truly, this is “finger on the pulse” stuff from the president.

In a move that mimicked Barack Obama’s now-infamous “apology tour,” Biden took to the world stage yesterday in Europe to assign blame to his own country for putting the other nations “behind the eight ball” on climate change. But did Donald Trump do any such thing?

Of course, he didn’t. Instead, the facts show that the United States has led all the other G20 members in emissions reductions for many years, going all the way back to the beginning of Trump’s tenure. So this idea that the US has something to be sorry for in regards to climate change is incredibly false. That’s what makes Biden’s statement, innocuous as it may seem at first, so gross. It’s anti-American nonsense that isn’t even backed by data.

Meanwhile, how have the European nations been doing? Well, Germany is set to hit a 30-year high in emissions and France increased its emissions by 2.1 percent year over year. As for the other G20 members, we all know how China and India are doing on that front. Yet, the US president is apologizing to those countries for pulling out of a meaningless deal even as we blow them out of the water in emissions reduction per capita?

But this is the default position of basically all Democrat presidents in modern history. The self-loathing and tearing down of one’s own country is the point. Still, there used to be an unwritten rule that presidents didn’t go overseas and take shots at their own nation. Biden apparently didn’t get the memo, or more likely, he simply doesn’t care. This is who he is. He’s not moderate ole’ Joe. He’s a radical and no one should confuse him for anything other than that.

We can only hope the damage is limited until Biden’s term is up because destroying the US economy to please the Europeans while the Chinese laugh in our face is an incredibly idiotic move.

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