Joe Biden Spreads Wild Conspiracy Theories, Shows the Ridiculous Hypocrisy of Democrats and the Media

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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden wears a face mask to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus as he and Jill Biden depart after placing a wreath at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Veterans Memorial Park, Monday, May 25, 2020, in New Castle, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


One of the things the media spends the most time whining about is the supposed dangers of conspiracy theories. This includes actual conspiracy theories such as QAnon, which news outlets are convinced is going to lead to the downfall of society, to things they just call conspiracy theories, like the very real and proven corruption at the FBI.

In regards to QAnon, they can’t shut up about it right now despite its obviously minuscule effect on society, if it has any at all. Conspiracy theories centering on Russia have obviously been far more damaging and mainstream, yet the media insist they aren’t conspiracy theories at all. Starting to see the pattern?

Enter Joe Biden, who is going around spreading wild conspiracy theories about the Post Office while the media pretend he’s not a mentally unstable, doddering old man.

This is the current liberal narrative. Namely, that Donald Trump is secretly destroying the Post Office to prevent people from voting in November. That’s spawned idiocy like this.


In reality, nothing nefarious is going on. The USPS, which is indeed cash strapped because it’s a terribly run organization that’s always cash strapped and has been for most of its history, is streamlining operations. Part of that is removing redundant, little used mailboxes when there is another one literally just a few feet away.

But the “USPS in crisis” narrative is what Democrats see as their next political tool now that coronavirus hot spots are waning, Iran didn’t melt the earth after we killed Soleimani, and Israel was able to make peace with its Arab neighbors without starting a major conflict. Selling panic porn is the name of the game, and they plan to keep it up until November.

Here’s the reality.


In truth, there’s a very simple way to make sure your vote counts. Get off your duff and go vote. There is no science behind the idea that it’s dangerous to do so. If you are very old and want to vote absentee, then apply for an absentee ballot. Problem solved. There is no crisis here, no matter how much the Democrats want to claim there is.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is so out of his mind that he sounds like he should be writing for The DailyKos. If Trump tried to spread such a conspiracy theory, the media would lose their minds. Orange man bad and all that. Biden gets to hide in his basement though while Kamala Harris does softball interviews with Trevor Noah. In the end, the lesson here is that the Democrats and the left are massive hypocrites. Conspiracy theories for me but not for thee. Will any media firefighter call out Biden’s spreading of such nonsense? Don’t hold your breath.

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