Joe Rogan Has One Big Move Left After CNN Doubles Down on Trashing Him

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Joe Rogan, the nation’s leading podcast host, has been in a running gun battle with CNN over the last several weeks. It began when Rogan mentioned in passing that his doctor had prescribed ivermectin as part of a treatment regime to fight COVID-19. Though it was just one of several drugs he took, the revelation sent the news media into a total meltdown.


Here’s a reminder of what that looked like.

All across the liberal network, Rogan was accused of taking “horse dewormer” and spreading “misinformation.” In reality, he had taken the human form of the drug. He also was not encouraging others to run out and take ivermectin without a doctor’s guidance. He simply shared his experience.

It didn’t matter. CNN lost its collective mind anyway and left Rogan in the position of having to correct the record multiple times. Yet, even after it became clear that the podcast host had not taken “horse dewormer,” no correction came from the leftwing news network. Rather, as RedState reported, they actually doubled down yesterday.

The heart of the debate was not lost. It was CNN that chose to push the “horse dewormer” angle as a cheap, false attack against Rogan. Now, they want to handwave that away while still not admitting fault and doubling down on their slander? At no point did Rogan “sow doubt” about the vaccines. The vaccines are not a treatment for COVID-19. When you contract the virus, you don’t go get a Pfizer booster.


So is CNN’s argument truly that Rogan is bad because he didn’t lead by “example” and get vaccinated? That’s a green light to commit defamation these days? Deflecting to what ivermectin was originally developed as is nonsensical. The fact is that the drug is approved for use in humans and has saved millions of lives over decades. Yes, there will need to be actual studies to determine its true efficacy regarding COVID-19, but that’s no excuse to trash Rogan as a conspiratorial nutjob who takes animal medication.

In my opinion, Rogan has one big move left. He should sue CNN for all its worth. Not only has the network repeatedly slandered him, but they’ve also basically admitted to malice with their latest statement. The “horse dewormer” stuff wasn’t a mistake. It was an active decision to lie to try to hurt someone’s career for political purposes. I realize Rogan is a public figure and the legal standards are high, but if he doesn’t have a case, then it seems as if no public figure ever will.

Further, I think it’s imperative that someone fights back regardless of the outcome. Rogan just so happens to have the reach and bank account to do so. He should sue the liberal network not just for himself, but for all the people who didn’t have the resources to defend themselves from CNN’s malicious garbage. Maybe he wins or maybe he doesn’t, but it would send a necessary message and possibly change the network’s behavior. This is Covington Catholic all over again, except this time we know the name of the person slandered. CNN has clearly not learned their lesson, and Rogan is just the man to give them a refresher.



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