Joe Biden Desperately Pleads for Unity, but It's Way too Late for That

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Things are not going well for Joe Biden, and perhaps he’s starting to realize it?

Today, the president released a three-minute video that was played at the Democrat National Committee’s fall meeting. As of this moment, six hours after it was published, only 627 people have watched the entirety of the event on YouTube. Clearly, the energy levels on the Democratic side are just through the roof, but I digress.


During the video, Biden pleaded for unity among his party, assuring them that if they came together, they could make 2022 look a lot like 2020. The pitch was obviously meant to target Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both of which are looking to nuke the president’s “build back better” agenda.

Here are some excerpts, per The New York Post.

“My message is simple: we need to stay together, and bound by the values that we hold as a party,” Biden said in a three-minute pre-recorded address released Saturday at the Democratic National Committee’s fall meeting.

“Because here’s the deal: we won 2020 as a unified party,” Biden said. “And we look to 2022, as we do that, we need to stay unified.”

The problem for Biden, though, is that it’s way too late for this. Rather than sowing the seeds of unity, he has spent the last several months trying to browbeat hesitant Democrat party members into submission. He’s accused them of holding up progress and harming the country. He’s even excused targeted harassment in a bathroom toward Sinema as “part of the process.” Does he really think a pre-recorded message in which he mumbles some lines about unity is going to bring everyone together?


What we are seeing here is the laziness of the president on display. For his entire five decades in Washington, Biden has been a guy who talks but rarely does. His ascension to the presidency, however one thinks that transpired, has only deepened the delusion by which he views his abilities. No one in Congress is listening to Joe Biden and seeing him as a rallying, motivating figure. Even his most adamant supporters simply tolerate him as the best they’ve got at the moment. To be it succinctly, Biden is no Barack Obama — no matter how much he pretends he is.

So, these messages fall flat. Sinema and Manchin, along with a group of moderates in the House, aren’t going to be swayed by platitudes about unity. They have actual concerns about what they are dealing with regarding reconciliation. This isn’t a game to them. For Biden, who hasn’t had a job outside of politics since he was in his 20s, everything is abstract, though. Just unify, he rants, without a hint of care for why some in his party are opposing his agenda in the first place.

“If we deliver today across the board,” Biden vowed, “50 years from now people are going to look back and say this was the period, this was the moment, America won the 21st century.”


And that’s really where things begin and end for Biden. He doesn’t care about the details, because to him, all of this “build back better” nonsense is simply about cosplaying as FDR. It’s about getting a statue on the Washington Mall somewhere and his name highlighted in the history books. He couldn’t care less if it saddles middle-class families with more inflation and a stagnant economy. After all, he’ll be long gone by the time most of the bill comes due for his reckless policies.

In short, the entire country is paying a heavy price, so that a nearly 80-year-old, senile old man can feel good about himself. Still, his pleas for unity will go unanswered.


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