Joe Biden's Presidency Is Burning to the Ground

The past several months have not been kind to the Biden administration, and the hole they’ve dug for themselves has now turned into a sinkhole they can’t get control of. Economic woes, including the supply chain crisis and inflation, are driving negative attitudes about the president as foreign policy concerns also take their toll.


Evidence of that arrived today as Joe Biden reached a new low, not just in any individual poll, but in the polling averages. FiveThirtyEight, a left-leaning polling aggregator that weights surveys for “house effect,” often in the direction of Democrats, finds the president at an average of 43.3% approval, his worst since taking office. Further, Biden sits above 50% disapproval for the first time in their aggregation.

Those numbers were driven down further by another new poll that looked almost identical to the one Quinnipiac put out yesterday. An A+ rated pollster (per FiveThirtyEight) found Biden’s approval at 37%, but the internals are even worse.


Only 27% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of immigration, and I’d love to meet the 27% because I’m pretty sure they’d approve of Biden shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue. Even more stunning for Biden and Democrats as a whole is that only 36% of Americans feel the economy will get better over the next 12 months. Do you know what is 12 months away? The 2022 election.

Other findings include Joe Biden being tied at 40% with Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 rematch, though getting only 40% against a senile old man who has run the country into the ground is hardly something to brag about. Republican voters need to be cut-throat when it comes to the next presidential nominee, ensuring they ditch the emotional attachments and pick whoever is in the best position to win. If that turns out to be Trump, then so be it.

Regardless, the most relevant story today is that Biden’s presidency is burning down in its own rite. Does he have a floor? I don’t think he does, and there’s nothing in the pipeline that suggests he’s going to turn things around. Besides, the White House clearly has no interest in turning things around. They’ve shown no ability to adapt in the face of their failures, instead truly believing that their problems are purely a result of bad messaging. Good messaging doesn’t fix high gas prices and the border, though.


I think Biden could rebound somewhat given how fickle the electorate is, but that’s certainly not going to happen while Jen Psaki mocks Americans and Biden insists the economy is bad because he’s doing such a great job.


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