Lin Wood Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene...a Communist?

AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

No one has seen their reputation fall further over the last year than Lin Wood. The attorney saw his star rise after securing a settlement from CNN for defaming Nick Sandmann. That was regarding the Covington Catholic travesty, where a teenage boy was painted as a racist for smiling while being harassed by a Native American activist and members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, an anti-Semitic hate group.


Since then, though, Wood has seemingly jumped off the deep end. During the 2020 election, he latched onto the idea of election fraud as a way to raise his profile further, but instead of sticking to things that could be investigated and proven, he simply made wild rants that actually undermined legitimate concerns. Further, he encouraged Republicans not to vote during Georgia’s 2021 special election that saw the GOP narrowly lose the Senate.

He’s apparently not done losing his mind, though. Now, Wood is attacking Marjorie Taylor Greene as…a communist?

The logic here is as simplistic as it is dumb. Greene wants to impeach Joe Biden, something that is well worth pursuing given his actions in Afghanistan, his weaponizing government agencies, and his pushing unconstitutional actions in defiance of the Supreme Court. But according to Wood, by wanting to impeach Biden, Greene is supposedly admitting that Biden won. Therefore she’s a communist or something. Honestly, I don’t even know how those things connect.

The thing is, Biden did win the presidential election. He was certified as the winner in the House, which ultimately makes that decision, and he was sworn in. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t funny business during the election, but Biden is, to the detriment of the country, the President of the United States. Thus, Greene is simply operating within the reality that exists. Attacking her over that is stupid and self-serving.


Of course, when you take the totality of Wood’s actions over the last year, his attacking of Greene in such a ridiculous way makes more sense. Undermining election lawsuits after 2020 by injecting his absurdity into the discussion? Pushing people to not vote in Georgia, thereby handing Democrats the Senate? Insisting that Biden should not be impeached based on some twisted logic? The common thread for Wood is that he always manages to find a way to bolster Democrats. That’s not a coincidence at this point.


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