WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Into Shouting Match on Capitol Hill With Democrat Representative

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Today, the House of Representatives voted to allow the killing of babies up to the moment of birth, in a move meant to counter Republican states that are limiting the barbaric practice of abortion. That led to a wild scene on the Capitol steps, as the members began to exit the building and GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a shouting match with Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell.


I know some on the right don’t like Greene, and sure, she can be cringe at times, but she’s 100% right on this issue, and her response in that video is justified. If abortion is really the important, life or death situation the GOP claims it is, then it should be treated as such. This wasn’t some spending bill. It was a vote by the federal government to nationalize the murder of children. If that’s not worth getting animated about, then what is? If that’s not worth fighting over tooth and nail, then what is?

Yet, far too many Republicans sit on their hands, hoping to remain “civilized” regarding the topic of abortion. But there’s nothing civil about killing kids in the womb, and the people who enable that do not deserve civility. So while Dingell can stand there and shout about a lack of civility all she wants, it is her actions that are leading to it.

Further, Democrats themselves shouldn’t be allowed to remain detached from the things they support. Dingell wants to be able to vote to kill babies, while at the same time grabbing lunch and acting as if she didn’t just vote…to kill babies. Republicans have to push back hard on that kind of normalization, and if that means getting into a verbal confrontation on the Capitol steps, then so be it.


Here’s Dingell trying to play things off as if she were about to fight Greene.

With all due respect, and Dingell is owed none, she’d get demolished by Greene in a fight. “Hold my pearls” is the kind of thing a coward posts on Twitter after safely leaving the scene of the argument. And Dingell is, in fact, a coward. She doesn’t want to own the reality of her position, which is supporting the killing of babies, not just pre-viability, but long after.

Green showed more guts and care here than most Republicans in the House, and that’s shameful on the part of GOP members who go back to their districts and talk about how deeply they oppose abortion — while never standing up while in Washington. If these Republicans actually oppose abortion, then act like it.


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