Has Hillary Clinton Lost Her Mind?

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With all the different people involved in the current chaos going on in Washington, one name you wouldn’t expect to hear is Hillary Clinton. After all, she’s not a relevant figure outside of her cult fan base. Yet, the two-time failed presidential candidate — who lost the 2016 election and then blamed Russia for four years — decided to weigh in, and I’m pretty sure she’s lost her mind.

Trump well and truly broke this woman.

Before we get to Hillary, I just want to point out that this staff writer for The Atlantic claims to be genuinely afraid of the fall of our government and “minority rule.” I hesitate to use the term mental illness, but what else should we call such paranoia, backed by absolutely no evidence at all? The rest of the country is full of people going about their lives, and these beltway apparatchiks are hiding in the closet, mumbling about January 6th still. For cripes sake, get out of your bubble every once and a while.

Regardless, Hillary’s comments came in response to the fact that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are refusing to fall in line with their party’s reconciliation ploy, which seeks to establish a new socialist utopia. Yet, I’m not sure Hillary understands what the word “minority” means. As I’ve said before, I’m not the best with math, but I’m still pretty sure that 52 (Manchin, Sinema, and the 50 GOP senators) is a greater number than 48, and therefore it is, in fact, a majority that opposes the $3.5 trillion budget bill. No concerns about the tyranny of the minority need apply. As Republicans learned during the John McCain era, there is no rule that party members vote along party lines.

Further, how exactly does a country “descend” into minority rule? Is Hillary suggesting there will be open warfare and subjugation by force, or is she just so cynical that she’s using that kind of inflammatory language to whine about…a domestic spending bill?

You can decide where you think Hillary’s mind is at, but her answer in that interview is a symptom of a much broader sickness on the left. That is, the belief that anything they don’t like is not just disagreeable, but a direct threat to “democracy.” It’s baseless panic porn, and it’s become pervasive in the Democrat Party. I believe it’s also deliberate in many cases. When you have no argument, why not paint your political opponents as terrorists looking to enact “minority rule?”

Obviously, no one is going to call Hillary or any other Democrat out for such idiocy, and that kind of hysterical claim has become the go-to tactic for a party that otherwise has nothing to run on, as we head into the 2022 election season. In short, the constant talk of some kind of minority takeover, possibly violent, that destroys the country is all these people have left. They are trying to scare people in the absence of an actual platform.

Or maybe Hillary is just nuts.

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