Matt Walsh Completes Epic Troll of Virginia School Board

Alexandre Meneghini

Some days ago, RedState reported on The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh beginning a pretty epic troll of the Loudoun County school board over their pushing of Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology. Last night, he completed that troll.


The background on this is that Walsh organized a rally and planned to speak before the board this week. When the members found out, they voted to only allow residents of the county into the meeting. That’s when Walsh decided to lease property there, gaining his residency in Virginia and the right to address the school board.

Well, the rally happened last night, where the crowd hilariously started chanting “Welcome home, Matt,” as they protested the school board’s actions. Here’s a piece of that, but it gets even better, so stick around.

Amazingly, though, and contrary to my prediction, Walsh was actually allowed into the school board meeting. I thought for sure that they’d come up with some arbitrary ruling to ban him, despite having a lease agreement in hand, given he obviously only rented the property to skirt their attempts to keep him out. Yet, he not only made it inside, he actually got to speak, and in doing so, he shared some very relevant truths about protecting children.


There are some Republicans who don’t like fighting on these grounds. To them, it’s too icky and non-traditional. Yet, the left doesn’t pull their punches, and the right can’t either. In this case, Walsh remained a step ahead of the school board, even as they put multiple roadblocks up to stop his message from getting out. Republicans have to have lines, and we have to be willing to fight over those lines.

Besides, what he said was also incredibly important. Walsh lit into the school board, calling them predators and cowards for indoctrinating children into a transgender ideology that places boys in girls’ locker rooms, depriving them of basic safety, privacy, and truth. Instead of defending their positions, these school boards hide behind their own power, violating the rights of parents to dictate what is and isn’t forced on their children. Educators are not heroes. They are people who are paid to do a job, and if they choose to delve into harmful lunacy, they should be opposed.


The far-left is not going to give up. They won’t stop coming for your kids. They will not discontinue their march into more and more insane areas of social experimentation and thought. That is going to require a Republican Party willing to “go there” to push back. Walsh, love him or hate him, is helping lead that fight. Many more should join him.


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