Watch: Crazed Teacher Loses It After She's Told She Can't Teach 'Critical Race Theory'

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The fight to stop Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools has those of a leftward persuasion losing their collective mind lately. Specifically, white, liberal women just can’t deal, and they make up a large portion of those insisting teaching CRT is vital.


What really has them so wound up, though, is the fact that Republicans, for once in their lives, didn’t get caught flat-footed (see Conservatives Are Winning the Battle Against CRT and It’s Driving the Left Nuts). Rather, they saw CRT taking a foothold in our educational system and responded with fury. That has those on the left really upset because they are used to seeing the GOP not take action until it’s too late.

What has followed is a mix between manipulative framing and hysteria. On the one hand, you have those who claim CRT isn’t even being taught and assert that you are being obsessive by ensuring it won’t be. Here’s an example of that.

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And then there’s the hysteria, which is perfectly encapsulated by this looney rant from a teacher in Texas who apparently thinks children can’t function without being taught racial essentialism and the supposed wonders of unearned self-loathing.


While this might seem to be “out there,” the country is full of teachers who think like this, and they have engrained themselves in the education system. That should scare you because these are the people teaching your kids day in and day out. That’s why it’s long past time for parents to retake control. In some cases, that’s happening at the local level via school board elections. In other cases, it’s happening via parents homeschooling or sending their children to private school. Whatever way you choose to fight back, the important thing is that you are fighting back.

Meanwhile, Republicans aren’t taking a narrow strategy. As we’ve seen in Texas, Florida, Iowa, and other states, state legislatures and governors are moving the ball forward by dictating that CRT in curriculums is not acceptable. Defeating this racist tripe will take a concerted effort via all the resources the right can bring to bear. Seeing that play out gives me just a bit of hope that we aren’t too far gone.


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