Media Amplifies Fake CBP Whip Story, but Not the Troubling, New Hijacking Story

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

We’ve been writing about how the media has gone wild for the story about the Border Patrol ‘using whips’ on Haitian illegal aliens trying to enter the country after crossing the Rio Grande at Del Rio, Texas.


Now, never mind that the story isn’t true and that there were no whips — that this all started because ignorant journalists apparently know nothing about horses and think reins are whips — and that no one was hit with anything, whether whips or reins. Some in the media are even outraged that the agents actually had the ‘nerve’ to say “Go back to Mexico!” which um, is their job to say. How do they think the agents are supposed to make people go back across the river?

Never mind that most of the media have ignored the burgeoning border crisis, with over 200,000 people being detained per month after entering illegally, and thousands camped out under the International Bridge in Del Rio in squalor. The media didn’t care about those conditions or the people living in them. Or the hardship or danger that posed to the local people in that area. There are no vaccinations or testing going on there.

That’s the true story — and it’s all on Biden. That’s why they’ve ignored it.

Media and the Biden Administration also don’t see anything wrong with people entering illegally, overwhelming the area, or posing a threat.

But, a new story shows how many dangers and problems there are, when Biden lets a situation like this fester. Some of the folks are being shipped out of the Del Rio area to be processed in other locations and/or to be deported back to Haiti.


One group of illegal aliens being shipped from Del Rio to Brownsville via bus attacked the agents transporting them and hijacked the bus, according to the local Del Rio & Eagle Pass News Leader. They then escaped the bus. The agents had to call the local Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office for help.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, some of the agents were injured as a result of the attack by the migrants.

“Well I believe in an attempt to abscond into the brush or leave the area these individuals were able to assault federal agents on the bus in an attempt to escape,” Sheriff Kirkpatrick said. “I think it was at that point where the driver was able to pull over, that’s when they were able to get and force the door open and abscond off the bus.”

But they didn’t escape for long. Law enforcement was able to round up the escapees after a chase, and they were put on another bus. Kirkpatrick noted what a danger this all posed.

“Nevertheless, this is just a continued case in point of an extremely volatile situation that is getting out of control,” Kirkpatrick said. “As we go forward with this type of continuing thing as the border crisis unfolds.”

So, are these folks who attacked people just going to be released into the country without punishment?


According to Fox’s Bill Melugin, it wasn’t agents on the bus but “staff” who were part of a DHS contractor. He’s reporting that Gov. Greg Abbott wants the illegal aliens who attacked the staff charged and imprisoned.

Where’s the media attention besides Fox? Where’s the concern for the people who were attacked?

We’re not likely to see it, or any coverage of this at all, because it doesn’t fit the narrative they want to sell.


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