Arizona Election Audit Delivers Surprise Result, Per Reports

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The results from the Arizona audit are in per multiple reports, and they are going to set off a firestorm. According to Axios, who is reporting on a copy of the Cyber Ninjas findings obtained by The Washington Post, Joe Biden not only won Maricopa County, where the audit was taking place but won it by a wider margin than the official results.


Unless these reports, which are also coming from local Arizona news, are completely false, Biden will apparently be found to have garnered 360 more votes than originally counted.

The official report will be out at 3 PM EDT today so if you doubt what Axios is saying here, you’ll have the opportunity to read it for yourself in short order. While I find it unlikely these initially reported results will be shown to be outright false, anytime anything is leaked to the Post, it’s almost always out of context. So you can expect the real report to offer more than what’s being said here. If the Post has the report, which they claim to do, why are they saying so little about it? We’ll have to wait and see what else is in the multiple-page document.

It is ironic that the same media and their Democrat allies that spent the last year saying audits are illegitimate and wouldn’t be conducted properly are now lauding the very audit they lambasted because it found the result they wanted. But that’s not unexpected, and I doubt anything that’s revealed today will move either side from what they believe happened in 2020.

For my part, I’ll just tick everyone off and say that the most relevant “fraud” during 2020 did not come via dead people voting or fake ballots that any audit is going to find widespread evidence of. Rather, it came from feckless politicians who allowed their election systems to be hijacked in the name of COVID-19, possibly in violation of state law in some cases. It also came via social media companies colluding with the left to outright censor factual news stories that were harmful to Joe Biden. That’s where the focus needs to be, in my opinion. You are probably never going to prove a million dead people voted or something, but you can change state laws to shore up ridiculous, “emergency” voting processes that almost certainly had a tangible impact on the results.


Last-minute drop boxes, drive-thrus, mass mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, sending out unrequested ballots, etc. are not how elections should function. If someone wants to vote, they should put in the basic effort to do so unless they are physically unable to leave their house, at which point absentee ballots are available. I’m glad to see some red states pass laws to reinstitute normal voting procedures going forward, and I sincerely hope it leads to a more organized, trustworthy process in 2022.


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