House Democrats Announce 'Investigation' of Arizona Audit in Really Desperate Sounding Letter

House Democrats announced today that they will be “investigating” the ongoing audit of the 2020 election centered around Maricopa Co. in Arizona. In a letter addressed to the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the firm hired to conduct the audit, Democrats belittled the effort, attempted to discredit it, and pronounced that any questioning of the election results was a “big lie” that’s already been debunked.


The entirety of the letter can be found by clicking the link provided, though there’s nothing really illuminating in it. It’s a series of largely baseless, obviously partisan charges against Cyber Ninja in a clear attempt to preemptively discredit whatever report they end up delivering. Toward the end of the letter, House Democrats demand a series of documents, including things like training materials given to those conducting the audit. It appears they want basically everything the company has ever recorded, which is likely an attempt to intimidate and inundate the company.

They also want all communications with Donald Trump, his officials, and any campaign figures. The letter is signed by Carolyn Maloney and Jamie Raskin, the latter of which ironically objected to the certification of Trump’s presidential win in 2016. In other words, these are not serious people.

The real question is why now? This audit has been going on for a while. With a report nearing completion, the rush to try to preemptively tear it down before even seeing the first piece of evidence is too clever by half. It smacks of fear that something may actually have been found that would prove fraud occurred.

In short, all of this seems a bit desperate on the part of House Democrats. Nothing about this projects confidence in their position. Rather, it feels like they are bluffing, desperately trying to gum up the works and scare the other side into backing down. But if there’s nothing to be found in the audit, as Democrats insist, then what’s the point of their consternation? I’ll let you speculate on the answer.


What I do know is that seeing this letter makes me want to see the results of the audit even more. I’ve always been a “show the evidence” kind of guy on this stuff, and I still am, but if Democrats are trying to actively suppress any possible report of malfeasance with weak intimidation tactics, that makes me very suspicious.

To be frank, there is nothing to lose here by being transparent. If fraud occurred at any level, we should know about it so the issues can be fixed. For their part, Cyber Ninjas should tell House Democrats to go pound sand and to come back with a subpoena. If they do, then take them to court. This kind of petty, dictatorial garbage coming from House Democrats should not be humored without a fight.


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