Joe Biden's Speech at the UN Features Senility and Highly Destructive Policies

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Joe Biden appeared at the United Nations this morning to give a low-energy presentation in which he demonstrated his ever-worsening senility as well as several destructive policy ideas. Of course, he didn’t mention the absolute crisis on our Southern Border nor did he take responsibility for his disaster in Afghanistan.


Instead, he declared victory in the aftermath of a terrorist takeover and 13 Americans being murdered by a suicide bomber. I’m at the point where all I can do is shake my head.

As far as the main thrust of the speech, though, the resident-in-chief decided to rant about climate change and globalism, among other things we’ll get to.

It may seem hard to understand how this continues to be the top issue for the president given the full-scale collapse of so many other tangible things around him. Extreme weather events are not new. Hurricanes are not new, and we are not seeing a massive uptick as far as occurrence goes. Droughts, unfortunately, are a historical norm, and California’s current one may have been largely avoided if they had sane environmental policies. Earthquakes obviously have nothing to do with the climate, though, Biden mentioned them.


Yet, when you consider how terrible Biden’s presidency has been, it becomes obvious why “climate change” is now his top priority. It is nebulous enough for the goalposts to always be movable, thus providing the perfect “crisis” for an administration that desperately needs a distraction from their horrible policy outcomes.

Besides, what does a Democrat like doing more than spending taxpayer money? And climate change offers the perfect justification to spend gobs of money on random things that likely will have no impact on the climate anyway. Never let a crisis go to waste, and global warming is the next tool to further turn the country into a debt-ridden, socialist hellhole.

Past that, when it came time to discuss COVD-19, Biden was big on fear-mongering but low on actually holding those responsible accountable. In fact, while he mentioned accountability, he completely skipped over China, the communist government that gave us the coronavirus, and then tried to cover it up.


Later, Biden announced his intention to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council, which includes Venezuela, Pakistan, China, Cuba, Russia, Somalia, and Libya. You’ll recall that Donald Trump left the council due to it being full of countries that rabidly abuse human rights and obsess over Israel.

Tell me again how the Biden administration represented a return to norms, decency, and morality? I was assured that’s what we’d get by Never Trumpers everywhere because mean tweets were truly the issue of our time, but I digress.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share one of Biden’s senior moments in which he called the United Nations the United States. Because what the heck does it even matter anymore, right?


I think I’m going to put a permanent footer on my articles that just reads “we’re screwed” because really, we are completely screwed. The policies are dangerous and destructive and the man putting them in place is senile. So yeah, good luck to those of us residing in the United States going forward. Things are going just great.


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