Doocy Leaves Psaki a Stammering Mess When He Grills Her on Vaccination Rules Applying to Illegal Aliens at Border

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden just announced a new edict — that any foreign national traveling to the United States would need to show both proof of vaccination and a recent negative COVID test before the person is allowed in.


Unvaccinated U.S. citizens traveling back to this country will be required to be tested before they get on the plane and then after they arrive.

Now that’s going to be problematic and divisive.

But guess who this requirement doesn’t apply to? If you guessed illegal aliens coming across the southern border, you would be correct.

Fox’s Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about this during the briefing at the White House today.


First, she just trips all over herself, trying to figure out how to answer such a damning question.

They’re looked at for symptoms, she claims. Translation: No, they’re not asked for a vaccination card nor are they required to show a test. On top of that, they’re not even testing because they’re so overwhelmed by the numbers. Then they’re putting these people on buses to process, mixing everyone together.

Then, she tried to argue that the folks illegally entering are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. It’s not the same thing.” That’s insane. First, the folks coming who are economic migrants are coming to stay here and work so yes, they are coming to stay for a lengthy time as opposed to foreign travelers who may just be visiting or traveling for work and leaving. But beyond that, that’s just a silly response. What does it matter that they “don’t want to stay long?” If they are infected, they can spread the virus if they’d stayed here a day. So that’s an answer that just doesn’t make any sense. She says they’re expelling people because of Title 42. That’s only partially true and really doesn’t change the problem. They’re deporting some of the single males, but letting women and children stay and releasing them with a notice to appear. Apparently viruses only affect single men. And they can’t affect those single men for the days they are here until they are deported. She really must think we are all fools to answer questions this way.


When asked about what Kamala Harris is doing to stop any of this, Psaki falsely claims that there have been “reductions” in numbers. Because more than 14,000 under a bridge is a “reduction?” Because illegal detentions in August by the CBP were 317% more than last August is a reduction?

Come on, man!


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