Joe Biden Unveils His Latest Abuse of Power but Are Republicans Up for the Fight?

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With everything going on in Afghanistan providing cover, the Biden administration is moving ahead with its latest abuse of power regarding COVID. With nations like Australia, which has descended into a dystopian hellscape, illustrating just how bad things can get, far-left politicians and officials are doing their best to bring the same types of measures to the United States.


For his part, Biden is now openly pushing employers to mandate vaccines, essentially making people choose between their livelihoods and making their own health choices. This follows the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine, which is now the guise by which the vaccine can supposedly be mandated.

This is a gross abuse of power. The government doesn’t become any less tyrannical when it uses private enterprise to stomp on the rights of individuals. In fact, crushing rights by proxy is perhaps even more nefarious as it leaves little recourse for people affected.

Unfortunately, far too many Republicans don’t seem to be up for the fight we now find ourselves in.

Here’s the thing – Joe Biden is not going to illegally mandate vaccines.

Instead, he’s going to put pressure on corporations and even smaller businesses to mandate them for him. If that happens, is Noem ready to engage on new ground as Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida has done? Because that’s what this battle is going to call for.


The reality is that the left will never stop. They will always look for the next crack in the wall to start chipping away at. While they’ve run up against the constitutional limits at the governmental level, they are now content to simply go around those limits in order to keep pushing toward the objective.

At the beginning of World War II, the Allies thought that the Germans would attack westward along the Maginot Line following the fall of Poland. The expectation was that the next war would resemble the last war, a direct slugfest of trench warfare and fortifications. In response to that onerous assumption, they put all their resources north and south of the Ardennes Forest. And while it’s a lot more complicated than I can fully explain here, in the end, the Germans were content to go through the Ardennes and right around the Allied defenses, leading to the fall of France in just weeks.

The point is that far too many Republicans are content to sit behind their Maginot Line of judicial appointments and constitutional arguments, believing that the next war will be like the last. Meanwhile, Biden and his leftwing cohorts have realized that they can just go around those defenses by manipulating private businesses into doing what they want. Whether we are talking about vaccine mandates or Critical Race Theory, the strategy is the same.


Things can’t stop at just fighting the government. Every legal tool available, from lawsuits to boycotts to executive orders, must be wielded by state-level Republicans to stop this onslaught because once the door is opened on this stuff, it will never be closed. Big corporations are not your friend. Treat them accordingly.

We are at the precipice when it comes to individual rights in this country. Are Republican politicians content to watch the freedom of their constituents melt away under a misguided facade of libertarianism or do they engage on all fronts? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to that question.


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