Kamala Harris Is Set up to Get Shivved in the Back by Joe Biden Again

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Today, as things further deteriorate in Afghanistan, a question popped into my head — where’s Kamala Harris? The vice president hasn’t spoken publicly since the chaos started, mimicking the disappearing act she pulled early in Joe Biden’s presidency. Over the past weeks, she’s been the subject of several hit pieces as well, likely sourced from within the White House.


What is her response to the disaster currently playing out?

Then Larry O’Connor reminded me of Harris’ statement back in April on the withdrawal, and I believe it’s going to be very relevant going forward, as Biden looks to shiv someone in the back to avoid blame.

Is it actually true that she played a key role in the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan? Who knows, but ultimately, Joe Biden is president, and these decisions were his to make. I see no reason for Harris to present herself a being the “last one in the room” — unless it was to run cover for Biden.

Further, I refuse to believe that the president, regardless of his obvious senility, wasn’t aware of how badly this was going to go. It was just too obvious, and just like with the border crisis, Biden has made sure that his mess can be hung around his vice president’s neck again.

Meanwhile, the president himself is hiding out on vacation at Camp David, with a lid called until Wednesday. The optics of all this are just terrible for the administration, though, hardly as relevant as the actual outcomes we are seeing on the ground.


I don’t think any of this is happenstance. Where’s the national address by Biden to tell the American people that things have changed? Where’s the press conference, after the last week of our foreign policy collapsing? These are things a normal president would have done by now. Instead, Biden is nowhere to be found, after he’s smeared Harris’ fingerprints all over the failing withdrawal.

Early on, it was assumed by many that Biden kept giving Harris the “tough” jobs because he was humble and wanted to see her succeed. I think it’s just the opposite. It looks to me like Biden is a coward who doesn’t want to show up for work and take any responsibility for anything (assuming he physically can).

Thus, the last several months of taking every contentious policy issue and making Harris the “lead” looks to have been purposeful. She either willfully or ignorantly walked right into the trap.

The next week or so is going to get very interesting.



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