The 'Penalties' for 'Violating' CDC's New Eviction Moratorium Are Unconstitutional BS

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As I warned would happen in several prior articles (see here and here), Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s cowardice has led to Joe Biden and the CDC extending their “eviction moratorium,” putting the government stamp of approval on more theft of people’s property with no due process at all.


This was avoidable had Kavanaugh simply joined the conservative wing to vacate the stay on the original moratorium on constitutional grounds. Instead, he allowed it to continue through 7/31, leaving property owners with nothing but a stern warning to fall back on. That warning will not carry any force unless things are relitigated, and by then the damage will have already been done.

Regardless, the CDC has released the “penalties” for its new unconstitutional order, and they are absolutely tyrannical.

In my opinion, this is the kind of thing revolutions are fought over, and I’m not saying that lightly. I mean that sincerely and seriously. People fight revolutions over government seizing private property via the threat of jail time and massive fines if the “law” isn’t obeyed. There is no constitutional authority for the CDC (or any other government entity) to tell you that you can’t evict someone from your own property after they’ve breached the rental contract by not paying rent. This is government-forced theft, pure and simple. Further, the idea that you are going to hold someone accountable for another person dying after that person left the property, safe and sound, is a horrific abuse of the legal system.


If the government can simply declare an emergency and violate private property rights this way, a right that sits at the very core of what this nation is, then there’s no country left. We simply become subject to the dictatorial notions of unelected bureaucrats. That’s not freedom. That’s not democracy.

Right now, the only thing that can de-escalate this situation is for the Supreme Court to step in immediately (Editor’s Note: If there were some way they could procedurally)  — and by immediately I mean in the next 24 hours before any real damage is done. If they wait around for months for another case to reach them, allowing their previous rulings to be spit on in this manner without repercussions in the meantime, then they’ve neutered themselves as the last line of defense. Further, if Democrats in power set a precedent that they can use executive power like this, they will use that power in a variety of other ways to crush other rights. The tyranny has always been the point for the left, and they are not going to stop if given the opportunity to go further.

Think about how crazy this all is. We have a president who literally admitted today that he doesn’t have the power to do this, yet he did it anyway, justifying it with the notion that he could extract his pound of flesh before the system could bother stopping him. That’s absolutely insane, third-world dictator stuff, and it’s crossing lines that have rarely been crossed in our history. Something has to be done, and I hope the Supreme Court defuses this situation before it gets out of hand.



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