Did Woke Rep. Cori Bush Forge Those 'Racist' Messages Supposedly Sent to Her?

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A few days ago, Rep. Cori Bush of ultra-woke fame, to the point where she makes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look sane, posted a series of racist messages on Twitter. She claimed they had been sent to her as threats and that she had turned them over to the FBI.


To the extent that all Congressional members are public figures (and Bush more so than some others) and routinely get nasty grams, there was nothing especially remarkable about what she posted. All threats and hate mail, racist or otherwise, sent to politicians are disgusting and are typically sent by people who otherwise have no real life to enjoy. Given that, when I saw the messages Bush posted, I gave it a thought of condemnation and moved on to more pressing issues.

Yet, some people are noticing a few oddities within the messages.

Anyone that has ever filled out an online form knows what those red asterisks are. They are there to tell you what must be filled out in order to submit the form. Did Bush or a staffer take a screenshot of an unsubmitted form after filling in some of the blanks? In order to know that for sure, we’d have to know exactly what platform she’s using, but it’s sketchy.

There are also questions about some of the emails she posted.

Again, it’s possible the similarities and seemingly forced, cartoonish language in the messages are just a coincidence, but it’s questionable.


The problem for Bush is that she has no credibility because she’s shown herself to be a race-grifter who can’t even celebrate Fourth of July without making irrational proclamations about not being free as a well-off, elected member of Congress who says and does whatever she wants. She also lied about the Columbus police shooting, which doesn’t help her lack of credibility either. That sits among a pile of other inflammatory statements she’s made that paint her as one of the most bad-faith politicians in Washington.

In short, it is conceivable that these are authentic messages. After all, it’s not really that difficult to find a few racists in a country of 330 million people. Further, Congressional members of all parties and races get death threats and hate mail on a regular basis. In that sense, Bush isn’t special, though, that’s not an excuse for bad behavior. Rather, it is a recognition that these messages, true or not, are not indicative of anything bigger than what they are.

Anyway, I’ll let you guys be the judge. Given the track record of these kinds of things and the FBI, it’s unlikely we’ll hear much more on this.


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