Yikes: Joe Biden Freaks When Reporters Ask Him if Andrew Cuomo Should Resign

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With the Gov. Andrew Cuomo scandal boiling over after an investigation by the New York AG confirmed he sexually harassed multiple women (and sexually assaulted at least one according to the description), the question immediately became: “What’s next?” For his part, Cuomo has doubled down in a meandering, sociopathic response where he blamed his victims and put out a report that included 40+ pages of pictures of people hugging.


But with Cuomo’s refusal to resign came tension for the White House. That’s because Joe Biden had previously said the governor should resign if the investigation in question showed evidence he was guilty. In an article noting that this morning, I had this to say about how I think Biden would handle matters.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the White House attempts to now straddle this fence. Will Biden come right out and say it’s time for Cuomo to go? Or will he and his handlers try to take a hands-off approach? Given the administration’s prior cowardice on a variety of other issues, my money is on the second option, though, I’m open to being surprised.

Well, it’s still possible Biden does stick by his word later, but if his initial reaction is any indication, he and his administration are panicking. When the president was pressed today about Cuomo resigning, Biden freaked out, yelling at everyone to be quiet before refusing to answer the question.

My response — Yikes.


Biden says that he’ll answer questions about COVID and other issues later today so it’s still an open question if he’ll actually call for Cuomo to resign or not. But man, is this an awful look. This is not the kind of thing Biden and his handlers should need time to game out. Cuomo, according to the investigation, sexually harassed and/or assaulted at least eleven women and should resign.

Easy enough, right? Instead, Biden’s senility and anger came through and he dug the hole deeper. As an aside, that the press members he yells at seemingly just take it is especially pathetic. How about being adversarial for once?

Jen Psaki was also asked about it at her presser shortly after Biden’s non-response. As expected, she and the administration took the coward’s path.

Again, why do we need to wait? How deep does Joe Biden’s relationship go with Cuomo? Or is Biden really unsure of whether he wants Cuomo to resign after previously saying he should resign if this exact scenario played out? After, all he did call the governor the “gold standard” for the country last year.


What an absolute cluster for the White House, and it’s another data point showing how chaotic everything is despite the proclamations that Biden would be a return to normal. This is a man who’s obviously losing it mentally and his handlers simply can’t juggle everything that comes with that.

Anyway, I guess we’ll find out where Biden truly stands soon enough. Or maybe we won’t? If he tries to dodge the issue again…I mean, he can’t try to dodge it again, right?


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