The Media Freak on Ron DeSantis' Press Secretary and Spit on Science in the Process

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“Follow the science,” they scream, while refusing to follow the science. That was the theme yesterday, after Christina Pushaw, Press Secretary to Gov. Ron DeSantis, dared to suggest something objectively true and highly relevant in regards to fighting COVID.


So, what was the grave sin committed? Pushaw noted that a healthy diet and exercise were key components in preventing complications from COVID.

That set off Joy Reid, David Jolly, and others. I’ll post Reid’s response — because they basically all say the same thing, i.e. that Pushaw was “fat-shaming” by suggesting that obesity is a more relevant issue in regards to protecting one’s self from COVID than wearing a cloth mask, the latter of which studies and real-world data have repeatedly shown to be ineffective.

Note the disconnect from reality expressed by Reid. We know that obesity is the top co-morbidity in regards to people developing complications regarding COVID. Around 80% of people who have died from the disease were obese.

Yet, Reid is suggesting that pointing that out and encouraging people to get in shape is somehow out of bounds. Does Reid want people to die so she feels better? The entire implication that we should ignore science because it might offend people is just silly. It’s also an example of why the media are so distrusted. You can not count on these people to tell you the truth. Rather, you can count on them to push a narrative that suits their wants and desires.

Pushaw responded by noting the politically-tinged nature of what the media pushes in regards to helping fight COVID. Of course, Reid is the same person who claims to still double mask while exercising outdoors despite being vaccinated, and her irrationality regarding it is hardly unique among media figures.


Pushaw is correct, regardless of whether it runs afoul of current politically correct standards. Yes, there are people who are obese who can’t help it. They may have issues that disallow exercise or may be on medications that hamper weight loss. Yet, the vast majority of people who are obese can do something about it — if they so choose. If they don’t, that doesn’t make them bad people. After all, we all do things that probably put us at higher risk for certain things in life.

Yet, no one should be getting upset at the statement that diet and exercise are key factors in being able to survive COVID without complications. That is simply what science tells us, and the media don’t get to pick and choose in that regard — nor should they. It is dangerous to reach a point where objective reality is eschewed, especially in regards to health, because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

But again, as I’ve said before, most of what the media say about COVID isn’t said in order to save lives. Rather, it’s about pushing government control. Focusing on ineffective mask mandates denotes control over the population. By contrast, telling people that the most effective thing they can do is get in shape and eat well doesn’t. Thus, the media love talking about masks but hate talking about natural ways to fight COVID. That also ties into their consternation at those who correctly point out that natural immunity from COVID is effective.


The media see any discussion of anything except mask and vaccine mandates as undermining their ability to control people. The point for these people is to have an ever-growing, overbearing federal government. That’s why you see Reid delivering such a clearly unscientific response to Pushaw’s comment. The media don’t care about what’s right. They just care about what promotes their chosen narrative.


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