MSNBC Contributor Goes Absolutely Insane After SCOTUS Ruling

MSNBC’s Joy Reid may or may not suffer from mental illness, but there’s no question that her show is a hotbed for insane, often racist commentary. But because she’s on the left and belongs to the correct identity groups, she is given free rein to go nuts on a nightly basis. After all, there’s absolutely no way that MSNBC could change course, despite her recent falling ratings, without being accused of racism themselves. They made their bed and now they must lie in.

Given that reality at the network, it’s no surprise that someone like Elie Mystal is allowed on air, and he did not disappoint in responding to the Supreme Court’s upholding of Arizona’s election laws.

In short, the guy went nuts, and he’s still going as I type this.

So what exactly are the provisions that have this guy so worked up? Arizona bans out-of-precinct voting and doesn’t allow third parties to mail out absentee ballots. Literally, that’s the extent of it. Naturally, the Supreme Court decided, with even John Roberts concurring, that neither of those provisions violated the Voting Rights Act. Nothing in question prevents black people from voting in any way, and it certainly is not analogous to Jim Crow.

Mystal wasn’t done, though. He then went to Twitter to talk about packing the courts to save democracy or something. The incoherence is the point.

When challenged, Mystal remarked that the Constitution of the United States is “white” because that apparently passes as brilliant discourse for MSNBC contributors. To add to the absurdity, Rep. Steven Woodrow chimed in by claiming that the people objecting to Mystal’s idiocy are “insurrectionists.”

Past that, how does Mystal plan to pack the court to get his way, a decidedly tyrannical thing to promote, when Democrats don’t even have the votes to pass the priorities they want to be ruled constitutional? Nothing about what he’s saying makes any sense. It’s just mindless ranting with woke, racialized language added in.

Everything about our current political moment is just ridiculous. It’s like someone who writes political satire took over script-writing for the real world. How is someone like Mystal seen as a serious thinker, to the point where he’s a regular on a major cable news channel? And at what point does making everything about race become socially unacceptable? These divisions are not healthy, and at some point, objectivity reality needs to play a role.