A 'Woke' Movie Trailer Comes out and Competes for the Most Cringe Thing in Existence

(AP Photo/Aaron Favila, File)

Sometimes headlines can be hyperbolic, but I truly feel this one undersells what I’m about to share with you. In fact, you guys should complain to management about it not being click-bait enough.


Apparently, the woke geniuses in Hollywood decided to make a movie dictated by the nation’s current obsession with race and social justice, and they did so by tapping into every ridiculous left-wing invented stereotype known to man in regards to how black and white people supposedly interact.

The trailer for the aptly named ‘Karen’ was released, and it legit might be the most cringe thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the trailer itself or those on social media claiming this is an absolutely factual representation of America. I’m convinced that anyone who thinks that lives in a heavily segregated area, either all-white or all-black, and has no idea what actual racial interaction looks like in normal parts of the country (i.e. outside of heavily segregated, blue cities).

I mean, this isn’t even creative. Using the name “Karen” is basically a played-out meme at this point. At least come up with something more original than unintentionally parodying a middle-aged, white woman who doesn’t know how to act around black people. There are actually valid, interesting stories to be told in regards to rising above racial divisions in this country. Barring that, just go the full-on parody route and make a hilarious movie in the process. What’s funny is that in the reality of our current societal moment, your average “Karen” is much more likely to be scared out of her mind of being accused of racism, to the point where she’d never propagate it.


But, in the end, it’s just a movie so take it for what it is, I suppose. It won’t do well in whatever form it’s released, but Hollywood isn’t in the business of doing well anymore. Rather, they are in the business of virtue signaling over any number of left-wing issues. As long as enough people are willing to set their money on fire, the cycle will continue.

Anyway, enjoy the laugh at least.


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