Andrew Gillum and Katie Hill Team up, and the Cringe Flows Freely

What do you get when you combine two of the Democrats’ most disgraced politicians in a podcast format? Apparently, the answer is Andrew Gillum and Katie Hill riffing on how terrible Republicans are.


Yes, the dude who passed out  on crystal meth with a male escort in a hotel room and the woman who had a throuple that included a paid staffer have thoughts on who the lunatics are.

Clearly, these are the adults in the room.

“The Republican Party that exists now, needs to just completely be destroyed!” Hill said to Gillum in the podcast published Wednesday.

“There’s not the hope of, you know, bringing it back from anything. These are bad people, and if they are not openly bad, then they are complicit and they’re weak, and they’re, they’re willing to destroy the very foundations of what we consider American, and on top of that, take away rights left and right for everybody!” she explained.

Gillum could be seen adamantly agreeing with Hill on the video.

With brilliant commentary like that, I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten her own show on CNN. I’m probably jumping the gun a bit, because that’s actually a realistic possibility.


To be frank, Republicans do not need Katie Hill to bring them back from anything. Her opinions on the GOP are no more relevant than those of Nancy Pelosi. All the crying in the world about how Republicans are “bad people” is not going to destroy the Republican Party. It’s here to stay, and the fight is only heating up. This utopian dream of one-party rule will never be a reality — no matter how much the left wishes it were so.

Regardless, notice the projection here. She claims it’s Republicans who are “willing to destroy the very foundations of what we consider American.” Could she perhaps provide some examples? Because I’m pretty sure it’s Republicans who are desperately engaging in a culture war to keep the very “foundations” of the country intact. It’s not the GOP who are demanding drag queen story hour, that the Senate filibuster be blown up, that the courts be packed, or that girls be forced to compete with boys in sports. Conservatives exist, for the most part, to conserve the American way of life. They may not be perfect in that pursuit, but they are saints in comparison to the left.


Besides, how cringe is it that Gillum is now a low-rent talk show host, after almost beating Ron DeSantis in their gubernatorial race? Florida certainly dodged a bullet, and everyone who voted for Gillum should probably sit out a few elections. I’m only half-joking.

Hill resigned because she did something wrong. She’s not a victim, and she’s not enlightening in any way as a commenter on the current political environment. These are two disgraced individuals desperately seeking attention. I’m willing to give them just a bit, but only to make fun of them.


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