Mike Pence Clashes With Donald Trump Over January 6th

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a Republican dinner in New Hampshire this week and addressed his current relationship with former President Donald Trump.


For whatever reason, Pence felt the need to bring up the unrest on January 6th, noting that he’s talked to Trump several times since then but that they will never “see eye to eye” on the matter.

Pence would go on to thank the Capitol Police for their “swift” action, noting that the Congress reconvened and certified the election some hours later. Pence also suggested that he’s not going to let what happened on January 6th overshadow the aspirations of “millions of Americans,” noting that we have a new administration that is further dividing the nation and pushing a far-left agenda. The former VP did not elaborate further on exactly what he and Trump don’t see eye to eye on, though, it likely involves Pence’s presiding over the certification of Biden’s election and not necessarily the violence that occurred.


From these comments, I think we can ascertain a few things. For starters, the Pence-Trump relationship appears to be over. If Trump does run again in 2024, something very much up in the air, you can probably safely place your bet on Pence not being a part of that ticket. Honestly, I don’t get the feeling Pence would even accept any future invitation from Trump. I think the bond between the two has been firmly broken over the last several months.

Whether Pence himself will try to run for president if Trump chooses to play kingmaker is another question. I think he has his eye on that judging by his recent appearances, but I also think he will end up getting creamed by Ron DeSantis if it comes down to that.

As to why Pence is still talking about January 6th at all to a group of Republican donors in New Hampshire is anyone’s guess. If he’s truly of the mind to not let the media and Democrats use that day to tarnish the past accomplishments and the future of the party, why give them the fodder? I just don’t think it’s politically smart, though, I doubt it’ll have much impact overall.

Frankly, I think Pence largely disqualified himself with his early handling of the COVID task force. Anyone who wasn’t seeing straight through Dr. Anthony Fauci by April of 2020 can’t be counted on to fight the tough fights going forward, and all along the way, Pence fell into the same rut the rest of the establishment did. Instead of standing tall, they went along with whatever the “experts” suggested. Republican voters aren’t going to tolerate that, especially not after what’s been revealed lately.


Fair or not, I think Pence has ended up a corner that he’s not going to be able to escape from. The establishment will adore him, but I don’t see much of a support base outside of that when push comes to shove. Right now, his polling will look good because of his past connection with Trump. The more apparent it becomes that connection doesn’t really exist anymore, the farther he’ll fall. That’s just my opinion anyway.


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