Grand Jury Convened in Donald Trump Criminal Investigation as the Partisan Hacks Have Their Day

AP Photo/John Raoux

Remember when we used to say that they were never going to stop in regards to pursuing Donald Trump? Well, that remains true today. With the recent news that the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James have joined forces to pursue Trump and his enterprise criminally, it was just a matter of time before the next step was taken.


Today, a grand jury was convened, marking another milestone in the two-year probe.

The Washington Post’s report comes from two anonymous sources (I know, shocking) who leaked the news of the grand jury. This follows on the heels of James’ announcement last week that the investigation into Trump had turned criminal in nature.

What is happening here is the very definition of a witch hunt. Prosecutors are not supposed to fish for crimes they have no reason to believe have occurred. Yet, Vance Jr. and James have bragged about scrutinizing Trump’s finances going back to before he was president. None of this would be happening had Trump not become their political enemy as president. It’s a complete abuse of the justice system, though, you won’t find anyone outside of the right calling it what it is.

One of the key pursuits, according to the Post, centers around how Trump’s organization used the valuation of properties in regard to dealings with banks and insurance companies. They are also looking into compensation packages given to Trump executives.

Given the propensity for grand juries to indict various sandwich types, if they are presented with criminal charges, it’s likely they’d indict. That would set off an absolute firestorm, with Trump having to defend himself in criminal court. Whether anything thrown at the former president would stick is impossible to say at this point. Vance Jr. is signaling that he may have something worthwhile to present, but the depth of evidence is a complete unknown.


Regardless, the use of the justice system to attack political enemies is immoral and grotesque, and that’s exactly what this appears to be. If Vance Jr. had suspicions about the Trump organization before Trump was even president, why did this only start in the last years of his presidency? Where was the investigation prior, in say, 2015? Meanwhile, James has been flamboyant about her desire to target Trump legally going back to her campaign to become Attorney General.

Of course, getting a conviction here is not even really the main goal. Sure, Vance Jr. and James, along with the entire left, would love that. But even forcing Trump into a public trial would be a win in their book. The system shouldn’t work this way, but here we are.


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