The New Democrat Response to the Surge in Anti-Semitic Attacks Will Have You Face-Palming

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

Democrats have a new talking point in response to the recent spate of Anti-Semitic attacks both here in the United States and abroad. With the recent hostilities between Israel and Hamas, “protest” movements have spawned, leading to violent attacks against Jews.

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Instead of patently and singularly condemning that, Democrats decided now would be a good time to denounce “Islamophobia,” instead.

This is mind-blowing stuff.

There’s no way this was a coincidence, right down to all of them making sure to put “antisemitic” first in the list before shifting to claims of bigotry against Muslims. This equivocation is just disgusting and it’s obviously purposeful. Jews are being beaten in the streets from New York to Berlin. I haven’t seen a single case of a pro-Palestinian protester being physically harmed, at least not in a fight they didn’t themselves start.

Where is this vast rise of Islamaphobia being cited by these Democrats? It simply doesn’t exist, but because people like Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush see Jews as oppressors and Muslims as victims, their intersectional dogma demands they couch their criticism of antisemitism with false claims of Islamophobia. It’s a cynical game that should be called what it is, which is antisemitism in and of itself.

Remember, these are the same people who still, to this day, claim Trump dismissed white supremacists at Charlottesville by “both-sidesing” the issue. He didn’t actually do that, having unequivocally denounced the white supremacists who were there. Even then, Joe Biden claimed that Trump’s words caused him to launch his presidential campaign.

Now, these same people are trying to pretend that the recent, massive spike in antisemitism is somehow correlated with a rise in Islamophobia. It’s absolute nonsense, and it’s simply another attempt to marginalize the real victims that we are seeing in the streets. This stuff is not just politically gross, it’s also morally gross.

Lastly, this shows the true rot of the social justice movement. Because its adherents are so invested in faux hierarchies of power, they can’t even be counted on to call out blatant antisemitism without having to include their other pet concerns. To just call out antisemitism would enrage their base, and they can’t have that. Thus, you get this disgusting display.

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