Chris Cuomo Mocks Marco Rubio's Christianity, Confirms He's a Terrible Person

Isn’t it odd that the people who claim to hate and despise Trump’s behavior the most always end up acting worse than he does? That’s not a new phenomenon, but it’s one that remains pervasive in the news media. Our assured intellectual and moral betters constantly lecture the country on decorum and decency while never taking their own advice.


The latest example comes from CNN’s Chris Cuomo, a development that likely won’t be that big of a shock to anyone. While doing one of the dumb back slapping sessions he and Don Lemon usually do, Cuomo decided it’d be a great idea to mock Sen. Marco Rubio’s Christianity because that’s what decent people do or something.

This is the same Chris Cuomo who never once asked his governor brother about New York’s disastrous nursing home policy relating to COVID. You also can’t find film of Cuomo wringing his hands about Biden refusing to call out Antifa. But he’s all about “truth to power” if he feels like he can take a shot at a Republican. It’s such a simplistic existence, but it has made him a lot of money (mostly because of what his last name is).

This is all part of Cuomo’s shtick. He’s a roided-up fake tough guy who loves to pretend he’s the only honest person in the room. In reality, he’s consistently one of the worst partisan hacks on cable news. Marco Rubio didn’t do anything wrong here, nor is Rubio’s Christianity dependent on how forcefully he chooses to speak against politicians Cuomo doesn’t like. That’s sacrilegious nonsense. To bring up Rubio’s religion shows what a truly terrible person Cuomo is. Some things should actually be out of bounds. Mocking a person’s religious devotion because they aren’t the kind of partisan you like is about as low as it gets.


The dirty little secret is that none of this is going away with Trump no longer being president. CNN has already shifted to lying about Ron DeSantis and claiming that Josh Hawley is some kind of super fascist. This was never really about Trump. It was about you. They can’t stand you, and by virtue of that, they can’t stand the politicians who represent you.

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