Kyrsten Sinema Continues to Own the Libs Without Even Trying

(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Kyrsten Sinema continues to blaze her own path, refusing to bow to the hysterical demands that the left-wing of her party (i.e. the vast majority of her party) make of her. That’s being shown again in regards to the current battle going on between Israel and Hamas.


While the current Democrat consensus is that this newest conflict is all Israel’s fault for daring to evict people who hadn’t paid rent in 50 years, as if that justifies trying to murder civilians with rockets, Sinema took a different approach. Wailing and gnashing of teeth followed.

This would be common sense if it were uttered about any other country. Israel clearly has a legal and moral right to defend itself from terrorists who attempt to purposely murder women and children. That Hamas isn’t particularly effective at their goal because of the Iron Dome doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held accountable for their continued aggression. Palestinians widely support Hamas, and until that changes, de-escalation will be impossible.

As statements go, Sinema’s is mild. Yet, for a large portion of the left, if you aren’t proclaiming Israel a genocidal, apartheid state, you aren’t going far enough. The responses to her tweet are filled with vitriol and faux accounts of the situation. Meanwhile, the facts remain clear. Israel evicted six families who did not own the homes they were in and had not paid rent in decades. The cases were fully adjudicated over a very long period of time. In no way does that form a justification for terrorists in Gaza to start firing thousands of rockets at civilians.

But because the woke left in America have taken on the Palestinian cause as a way to bolster their racial battles on the home front, rationality is never applied to discussions of what is truly happening. Israel doesn’t do everything perfectly, but they are in a very imperfect situation in which there is no easy solution. A one-state solution is impossible because the Palestinians would simply vote in terrorists just as they did with Hamas in 2006 who would attempt to wipe out the Jews. A two-state solution is currently untenable because the Palestinians refuse to accept Israel’s existence, which is paramount for lasting peace. To the best of its ability, Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas does the opposite, celebrating the deaths of innocents and encouraging it.


Sinema recognizes all this, and while she’s probably not as pro-Israel as many Republicans, she’s at least honest enough to get the important things right. Israel has a right to strike terrorists who are trying to murder Israeli civilians.

There’s something entertaining about seeing Sinema own the libs without even trying. Just being herself drives them nuts.


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