A Major CNN Host Appears to Lose His Primetime Show in Sudden, Perplexing Announcement

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CNN’s Don Lemon, one of the most biased “journalists” in news, is losing his primetime show, or at least that’s what it sounded like when he made this weird, cryptic announcement Friday night.


Lemon pointedly says “this is the last night that we’ll be ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.'” He then goes on to say he “appreciates all the years,” but that “changes are coming.” It’s vague, but it’s not that vague. It certainly seems like he’s losing his show.

That would make sense, given his ratings are absolutely in the dumpster. As I wrote recently, CNN across the board is down, getting trounced by Fox News and MSNBC. But Lemon’s show is one of the worst (see CNN’s Ratings Enter Smoking Crater Territory). He’s been getting more than doubled up by Greg Gutfeld’s new comedy show, and Laura Ingraham continues to best Lemon by a wide margin in his first hour, as well.

Shortly after the announcement, though, Lemon added the confusion by saying he’s not leaving CNN and that it’s “not what you think.”


The “not what you think” comment is likely a reference to all the responses thinking he was leaving the network completely. Perhaps he’s being sidelined to do more documentaries and make guest appearances on Chris Cuomo’s show?

I can’t imagine this is a ‘Glenn under the dumpster’ moment, which, for those of you that didn’t watch “The Walking Dead,” means to show someone seemingly dying and then suddenly claim they survived. I mean, after what he said in the first clip, he has to be losing his show, right? How else would his announcement make any sense?

Further, Lemon also mentioned later during the hand-off to Chris Cuomo that the “changes” involve both of them. Cuomo played dumb, but there’s no way he wasn’t made aware of whatever is happening. Cuomo’s ratings are also awful.

Then there’s this.

There are several possibilities here. Is Anderson Cooper leaving for “Jeopardy”? That’d certainly be a bad move on the part of ABC, as Cooper’s “Jeopardy” appearances were very low-rated, and his CNN show is currently the worst-performing in primetime. Of course, failing up is common in left-wing circles. Wolf Blitzer could also just be retiring. The guy is 73, after all.


What I do know is that CNN will probably get a temporary ratings boost on Monday, as a few, extra people tune in to figure out what exactly is going on. Perhaps that was the point of all this in the first place?


Holy crap, they really did it. What a joke of a network.


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