The CDC Gets Caught Red-Handed Skewing the Numbers on COVID

The CDC has hardly covered itself in glory over the course of the COVID pandemic, and things have only gotten worse since Joe Biden took over. Once heralded as a bastion of science, the agency now spends its time bending the knee to the teacher’s unions and putting out completely unevidenced, politicized “guidance.”


Now, the CDC has been caught red-handed skewing the numbers on COVID outdoor transmission.

How you word something means everything in regards to how it will be perceived. I could say you have a less than 50% chance of dying from COVID. Would that be accurate? Technically, yes it would. Is it giving a truthful perception of the dangers? Of course not. That’s what the CDC did here. They knew outdoor transmission was basically non-existent. Instead of just being honest and saying it’s around or below a 0.1% chance, they said under 10% to give the impression that the risks were far greater than they were.

This also means that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who had access to this data, has been knowingly pushing a false narrative when he’s gone on TV to bash outdoor events like baseball games. Remember, he trashed the Texas Rangers, insinuating with confidence that allowing full attendance would lead to an outbreak. That didn’t happen, of course, adding to the long list of terrible predictions made by Fauci.


As many of us have been saying since the beginning of this pandemic, there was no data to suggest outdoor transmission was much of a thing. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but it’s also possible to get hit in the head with a meteor. We should not make government policy based on the mere chance that something could happen. Rather, a studied look at real data should guide a common-sense approach of actually measuring risk and acting accordingly.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s political goals dictated that people remain fearful and locked down. Telling people to go outside and live their lives wouldn’t have fit that narrative. Sadly, had the CDC simply encouraged people to go outside from the beginning, we’d have likely seen much less spread of the virus, and by virtue, fewer deaths.

Ironically, The New York Times is breaking social media guidelines by even publishing this news. That shows how stupid we’ve gotten.


There should have never been an expectation that the government is to be believed without providing evidence for what they are asserting. But our authoritarian moment has engulfed everything. Once again, those that claim to know everything show they are not trustworthy. Why anyone would take anything from the CDC at face value these days is a mystery.


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