Larry Hogan Runs Into Chuck Todd's Arms, Illustrates Everything Wrong With the Republican Party

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Gov. Larry Hogan may be the best Republicans can do in a deep blue state like Maryland, but that’s hardly reason enough to take him as a thought leader in the party. Yet, he fancies himself as such, and it perfectly illustrates the delusion under which he operates.


Hogan decided to really flex his conservative credentials by going on Chuck Todd’s program this morning. You know, because real Republicans run to far-left hosts to bash their own party or something.

What followed was some of the more moronic political commentary given this weekend.

I’m sorry, was Hogan not alive in 2008? Because the party was in far worse shape after John McCain’s loss than after Trump’s. Right now, Republicans are poised to retake the House in 2022 by a fairly comfortable margin. They also have a decent shot of taking back the Senate — with the split only sitting at 50-50 right now. Never mind how much better positioned the GOP is for the next presidential election. In 2008, there were talks of a permanent Democrat majority. No one of consequence speaks that way about the current political environment.

Meanwhile, during Trump’s tenure, Republicans took and solidified control of the Supreme Court, stacked the broader judiciary with conservative judges, put China on the defensive for the first time in decades, cut taxes, ended the war in Afghanistan, and fostered peace in the Middle East. It wasn’t a perfect administration, but the idea that the last four years of being in power were somehow the “worst four years” the Republican party has ever sustained is insane.


Of course, this is typical of the Never Trump contingent. They seem to actually like losing, and they certainly prefer life in the minority, so they don’t have to actually follow through on any of their idealistic pronouncements. Trump got actually got things done, and they despise him for it.

That’s more than Hogan can say about his own leadership. Maryland’s murder rate has exploded, and Hogan’s handling of the pandemic has been disgraceful. Most students in the state still aren’t back to in-person learning, and all the useless mitigation measures other Republican governors cast aside long ago remain in place. Hogan is a coward who refuses to make any tough decisions. In short, he encapsulates everything wrong with the Republican party.

Take this clip he put out yesterday.

I’m sorry, is it 2003 and I just didn’t realize? “Stop politics as usual” and start delivering “common-sense solutions?” Are his advisors just plagiarizing George W. Bush speeches? This kind of boiler-plate stuff doesn’t resonate anymore. People want results, not just lofty talk of results, wrapped in an unwillingness to actually do what needs to be done. If Hogan can’t deliver for the people in his own state, why would anyone believe he can do it in a higher office? It’s a joke that this guy believes he’s got any chance of running for president in 2024 (related: Larry Hogan Shows Exactly Why His 2024 Ambitions Are a Total Joke).


Regardless, the fact that Hogan continues to run to the left-wing press to get his message out is proof enough he’s got no future outside of Maryland. Any Republican who hasn’t figured out that Chuck Todd isn’t your friend and instead continues to offer fodder to Democrats is not a person who should be taken seriously. Hogan is yet another example of a Republican who cares more about faux appeals to decorum than actually enacting conservative policy. The dumpster fire that is his state shows that in spades.


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