Liz Cheney's Latest Move Shows She's Tone-Deaf and Needs to Go

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We are nearing the probable ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney as Conference Chair of the House Republican caucus. That means the attempts to save her skin are getting more and more desperate. It also means media outlets that are adversarial to conservatives have suddenly found their new favorite Republican.


But it’s Cheney’s latest move that offers more proof that she has to go. What started with the completely tone-deaf move of writing an op-ed for The Washington Post has continued with more stories being published by Jeff Bezos’ rag, including a back-stabbing piece that Cheney obviously was the source for.

I’m not even going to bother quoting the article because it’s so obviously a fluff job fed to the Post by Cheney and her staff, and I’m not sure they deserve the free press. Regardless, the article posits that Cheney is just getting started in her effort to purge Trump and his supporters from the party. It’s the typical tripe we’ve seen over the last few weeks, painting the Wyoming representative as a valiant truth-teller who is being punished for not saying the election was stolen.

As I’ve written recently, that characterization of why Cheney is in trouble is complete nonsense. She is not being thrown out of leadership because of her response to Trump. That theory was already tested months ago, when the vast majority of the House caucus voted to keep her where she was. She took her victory lap and never stopped. That’s why she’s on the outs.


Republicans want to move forward and focus on winning. Cheney wants to keep going on Chuck Todd’s show to bash her own party and talk about January 6th. No one demanded that she show fealty to Trump. What was demanded is that she say her peace, move on, and focus on doing her job. Cheney has refused to do that, instead continually sowing division via battles that aren’t even being fought anymore.

One of the things leaked to the Post is a claim that internal polling data showing Trump was a 15-point drag in “core” battleground districts was withheld from the caucus. Of course, that polling data ended up being completely wrong, as Republicans overperformed in the House, nearly taking back the majority in a year they were projected to lose 10-15 seats. Cheney doesn’t care about that, though. This is all about her personal vendetta.

There is no greater evidence that Cheney needs to go than her decision to use The Washington Post as a conduit to fight a civil war with her own party. It shows she’s learned nothing over the last four years and that she holds normal Republicans in absolute contempt. GOP voters will forgive a lot of things, but allying with a despised left-wing publication to attack Republicans via anonymous claims is a bridge too far. Cheney doesn’t care about winning. She just cares about being right, and at the end of the day, that and two dollars will buy you a Coke.



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