Joe Biden Voters Discover They Voted for Joe Biden

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This morning, the worst miss in the history of jobs reports was released, showing just 266,000 jobs were added to the economy when over one million were projected. That’s especially terrible given that we are in the midst of a recovery from an artificial depression caused by government actions. That means by simply opening back up, growth was a foregone conclusion. Jobs are everywhere, and employers are basically begging people to come back to work with decent wages to boot.


But many workers aren’t because the government decided it’d be a brilliant idea to extend the no-questions-asked unemployment benefits that started during the COVID pandemic last year through September. That was an idiotic move given there is no job shortage in the country.

Now, some Biden voters are finally starting to figure out that there are actually consequences to their actions.

Who could have possibly predicted that Joe Biden would have a far-left economic ideology that would cause inflation and destroy a recovery that was otherwise happening on cruise control? Well, just about everyone with any ability to critically think, actually. The entire idea that Biden would be some kind of moderate peacemaker, ushering in a new era of normalcy was always the territory of suckers.

Nothing about Biden’s career was moderate. More importantly, though, Biden was never going to actually be in charge in any real sense. The guy can barely stay sentient long enough to answer a few softball questions every few weeks. He’s not getting into the nitty-gritty of economic theory. Rather, his left-wing handlers, many of which are Obama administration and Bernie Sanders alums, are doing the heavy lifting.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who ran a shadow campaign to defeat Donald Trump, also got in on the act.

This was all perfectly predictable. It’s not like the Democrat party was hiding the ball during the 2020 election. Sure, the media tried to play Joe Biden off as a harmless geriatric, but the words that were coming out of his mouth continually said otherwise. Given that, why would an ostensibly pro-business organization support Democrats and then act shocked when they operate as Democrats? When the PROAct, a bill that threatens to destroy self-employment in America, passed the House, the Chamber also cried foul, again seeming to forget they helped put these people in power.

The cat is out of the bag at this point, though. Joe Biden doesn’t care what the Chamber thinks anymore to the extent he ever did. They were just useful idiots for him and his allies in gaining power. Now the price will be paid. There’s zero chance Democrats reverse their harmful decision to extend unemployment benefits. In fact, you can expect them to try to parlay this into a permanent universal basic income.


But hey, no mean tweets so it’s all good.

I’ve written it before and I’ll write it many more times over the next several years. You get what you vote for, and policy always outweighs personality in the end. If you were shallow enough to vote against Donald Trump and a roaring economy because you wanted the government to represent some quasi-religious bastion of decorum instead, congrats and enjoy your consequences.


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