Meghan McCain and Others Rant About Liz Cheney, Show They Have No Idea What's Actually Happening

The drama surrounding Rep. Liz Cheney’s possible ouster from leadership is only getting worse, with a possible vote on the matter looking imminent. That means people are taking sides, and in doing so, some of those people are showing they have no idea what is actually happening.


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For example, if you think the reason Cheney is on the verge of being booted is that she won’t “bend the knee” to Donald Trump, you have no grasp of why her colleagues have lost patience. That was Meghan McCain’s take, though.

I guess she gets extra points for using the term “sausage fest?” Regardless, what she’s saying makes no sense given the person running to replace Cheney is Rep. Elise Stefanik. Now, I haven’t personally checked, but I’m pretty sure she’s a woman. I’m also pretty sure that any vote to oust Cheney from leadership would require lots of votes from other GOP women as well. But when you’ve got no real argument to make, this is the kind of thing you get.

McCain doubled down on the show she co-hosts.

I’m going to blow some minds here by pointing out a few commonly known facts about Cheney’s situation. To start, there was already a vote to oust Cheney from leadership some months back. She won that vote, remaining in her position and claiming victory. Further, that vote took place after she voted to impeach Donald Trump and made the Sunday show rounds boisterously condemning the supposed “insurrection” on January 6th.


In other words, if Cheney is removed at some point in the future by the same people who voted to keep her earlier in the year, it clearly has nothing to do with bending the knee to the bad orange man. We already have proof that Cheney’s House colleagues were fine with her having dissenting viewpoints about Donald Trump.

Rather, what this is actually about is simple. Cheney is the #3 Republican in the House. That job requires three things. That person must be a great fundraiser and an excellent recruiter. Cheney is neither of those things. Also, that person must be able to put their personal feelings aside and push a congruent message for the caucus to rally around. Cheney has also failed miserably at doing that, choosing instead to make her own profile the priority.

That is why she is in trouble. It’s not about being subservient to Donald Trump. In fact, it’s about Cheney refusing to let Donald Trump go and move forward with her party.

It’s not just Meghan McCain who can’t grasp these details. Gov. Larry Hogan also got in on the act.

That’s not at all what cancel culture is, but I probably shouldn’t expect better from Hogan. His pathetic leadership in Maryland has only led to record murder rates and most schools still being closed due to COVID while other states thrive, but I digress.


Regardless, Cheney does not define how big the GOP tent is. In fact, Elise Stefanik represents a broader swath of the electorate (i.e. a bigger tent), to the point where many conservatives are very skeptical of her. Still, the point here isn’t an argument over policy. It’s about leadership and being able to do the job that Cheney holds. If she can’t do it, and it appears she can’t, she needs to be removed. Meanwhile, Stefanik has shown herself to be an excellent fundraiser who gets results on the campaign trail. It’s not any more complicated than that.

This isn’t the “I’m am woman, hear me roar” moment McCain tries to make it out as. It’s just business.


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