Lincoln Project Tried to Deflect From Some Bad News With a Pathetic Troll of Donald Trump

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The Lincoln Project’s fall from grace, at least to the extent that being in the throes of the left constitutes grace, continues apace. With one of their co-founders being exposed as an alleged pedophile and most other members of consequence (lol) already gone, the anti-Trump outfit is a shell of its former self.


Over the weekend, they attempted a pathetically weak troll of Donald Trump, for example.

I want to extend a hardy congrats to all the suckers who have given their money to these people. It’s now being used for local ad buys to attempt to poke at a former president who isn’t even paying attention. I’m not even sure how the ad makes sense. How exactly did Donald Trump lose to Mitch McConnell? Trump still enjoys heavy influence in the party and is the odds-on favorite for the 2024 nomination if he seeks it.

Regardless, this morning, it became clear exactly why The Lincoln Project is lashing out.


The Lincoln Project gained influence in large part through social media, where its slick ads provoked former president Donald Trump to attack it and its leadership. But while the group plans for a post-Trump existence, analyses of the group’s social media traction show its digital footprint has flatlined since Trump left office, as the group was further beset by sexual and financial scandals.

Since President Joe Biden took office in January, the liberal super PAC has lost tens of thousands of Twitter followers, and its digital footprint on Facebook has flatlined.

According to Social Blade, a social media data analysis company, the Lincoln Project has lost followers on Twitter in each week since Trump’s second impeachment trial on February 13. In the first week of February, the organization gained 984 followers but has shed followers every week since then.

This is an organization in free-fall, which is why its social media presence has been reduced to the rantings of whatever intern they currently have in charge of it. There’s nothing clever or creative about anything they are doing. If an organization’s entire existence still revolves around being “anti-Trump,” they aren’t providing anything of value to the political environment, not that they ever were.


Eventually, in a situation like this, you just become the scrawny guy trying to heckle the world-class athlete. The Lincoln Project passed that point long ago.

Meanwhile, many of their founders and members were happy to enrich themselves on the backs of left and right-wing Never Trumpers alike along the way. As to what end, there doesn’t appear to be one. There’s no evidence the group had any effect on the 2020 election, and there’s at least anecdotal reason they hurt Biden’s cause.

The people who were at or remain at The Lincoln Project are the worst Washington has to offer, and that city has a lot of terrible to give. They have no principles. They stand for nothing. They simply exist to make money off the political hate of people who should find something better to give their cash to.


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