The Racist Attacks on Nikki Haley Resume as Middle Name Trutherism Becomes a Thing

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

“We live in the dumbest of times” has become my catch-phrase of late, and boy, do I have yet more proof of that lined up for you.

Try to quell your excitement because middle name trutherism is back, and Nikki Haley is once again the target. You see, according to the left-wing dogma, if you are of Indian descent but have a name that sounds somewhat English, then you must be a race-traitor who changed your name to please the terrible white man.

Yes, as stupid as that sounds, that is the actual position being put forth on social media right now. See for yourself.

Of course, the internet suddenly became an expert on Punjabi naming traditions.

“That can’t be your name!” she screamed from the cheap seats to another person who literally has that name on their birth certificate.

What you are witnessing is racism by people who claim to be “anti-racist.” They are putting forth the proposition that one can’t be representative of their race if they don’t have a name that sounds traditionally ethnic. Notice the absolute obsession with everyone except who the person actually is as, you know, a person. Racism repackaged is still racism.

What’s even more absurd is how far this strays from other left-wing ideologies.

I didn’t say what they were doing had to make sense, did I? The amount of ideological incoherence on the left is truly a sight to behold at times, but they assert it with the utmost confidence.

I say all this as someone who’s not really a Nikki Haley fan. She’s not my choice for 2024, with or without Trump in the mix. Despite that, fairness requires calling this idiocy out. Haley doesn’t deserve this kind of racist nonsense from her political opponents. Between the recent, racist attacks on Tim Scott and this, Democrats and their left-wing base are making it clear who they are.