A Racist Attack on Tim Scott Turns Into an Absolute Roasting

What is it with white liberals believing they have the right to levy racist attacks against black Republicans? That happened again last night from several corners of the left after Tim Scott delivered his rebuttal to Joe Biden’s boring, yet surprisingly dangerous address to Congress.


Keith Olbermann mocked Scott, claiming he had “Stockholm Syndrome,” for example. You know, because a black man can’t possibly think for himself. He needs a white savior like Olbermann to dictate to him.

The racism espoused showed just how effective Scott’s speech was.

But one attack stood out above the rest. Someone named Scott Nevins, a verified Twitter user with around 30,000 followers, decided it was a good idea to call Tim Scott an Uncle Tom via some tortured verb form he made up. Nevins claims to be a “TV personality and host” and an “LGBTQ contributor” in California, though, his Twitter bio doesn’t say what he actually hosts.


This is the kind of past brilliance he’s offered the world.

Nevins couldn’t handle seeing a black man delivering political viewpoints he doesn’t agree with, so he claimed that Tim Scott was “uncle tom’ing.”

That tweet has since been deleted with this quasi-apology put in its place.

The roasting began immediately. Apparently, Nevins has a long history of using the term “uncle tom” in various forms to make racist attacks on black Republicans, and I mean a long history.


Oh, there’s more, though.

Because liberals falsely see themselves as the savior of black America, they also have this weird idea that they have permission to be racist. They don’t, and they should be called out vigorously when they exhibit that tendency. As my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell says, there’s nothing more racist than a white liberal. That’s proven true through their rhetoric, and their policies, over and over.

Maybe some lessons will be learned here? I kind of doubt it, though.


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