MSNBC Host Loses Her Ever-Loving Mind Over Transgender Bill, Goes Nuts on GOP Governor

(Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP, File)

Why would any Republican go on MSNBC for any reason whatsoever? That’s a question West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has to be asking in hindsight, after he was ambushed in what can only be described as a dumpster fire of an interview. In it, the topic of a recent transgender bill, which protects girls from having to compete with boys in sports, took center stage. What followed was an absolute meltdown by host Stephanie Ruhle, a supposedly unbiased journalist (lol).


For a second, I thought she was going to come through the camera like the Kool-Aid man busting through a wall.

MSNBC had their graphics with West Virginia’s school rankings ready to go, so this hit job was pre-planned by the production team the moment they booked Justice to come on. Ruhle starts yelling, essentially trying to claim that Justice has better things to do within his state’s school system than stop boys from dominating girls in sports. Yet, those two things aren’t at all related. Ruhle, being the partisan hack she is, uses a common bait and switch technique, where she pretends reading rates somehow preempt protecting girls. In truth, all Justice did was sign the bill sent to him. Vetoing it would not have made those ratings any better.

Again, why would any Republican subject themselves to this? Could we please have smarter people representing the GOP via elected office? Is that really too much to ask? Honestly, any Republican politician who is dumb enough to go on Stephanie Ruhle’s show deserves what they get.

I could spend another few hundred words talking about how garbage MSNBC is, but we are already know how garbage that network is. How about using that knowledge by not indulging them? Justice is stuck in an old-school mindset whereby GOP politicians think they owe it to the media to go on their shows and take their lumps.


It’s not 2002 anymore. There are plenty of right-leaning outlets that get a lot more viewers or clicks than Ruhle’s show that Justice could have given his time to. Instead, he went and got his head bashed in by a raging lunatic. Do you see Ron DeSantis entertaining these nutjobs? No, you don’t.

But if you are going to go on MSNBC (you shouldn’t), at least be capable of fighting back. Have your arguments ready and don’t allow them to talk over you. Justice just sat there and had no answer when she was done. It’s embarrassing, and it’s not necessary, because Republicans own the winning argument in the “trans-athlete” debate regarding women’s sports.

Seriously, pay attention and get smarter, GOP.


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