Biden Adviser Thanks MSNBC 'Journalist' Stephanie Ruhle For Her 'Help' In Pushing Policy Proposals

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It is not clear if this Biden adviser accidentally said the quiet part out loud or if the Democrats just don’t care to hide their warm and cozy relationship with the activist media anymore. But either way, this story further demonstrates why many of those who call themselves journalists deserve neither to title nor the trust that used to come with it.


Biden adviser Jared Bernstein participated in an interview with MSNBC media activist Stephanie Ruhle in which they discussed the $1.9 trillion stimulus package proposal intended to combat the spread of COVID-19 and aid Americans who were impacted by the pandemic. It was the usual softball interview that media activists give to left-leaning leaders so they can have a platform to sell their latest effort to grow the government to Godzilla size.

Instead of challenging Bernstein on the more controversial parts of the proposal, Ruhle put a smooth shine on the idea, pretending it resulted from a bipartisan effort. At no point did she mention the federally-mandated $15 minimum wage or the fact that most Republicans have publicly denounced the package.

“This isn’t about D or R, it’s about A — America,” Ruhle said. “There’s not a lot of programs that get support from the Chamber of Commerce and [Sen.] Bernie Sanders, but that’s actually what we’ve heard in the last 14 hours.”

As the infomercial for the Democrats’ proposal was close to its conclusion, Bernstein showered praise on Ruhle for pushing their agenda.


“There’s been a lot of people pulling for this,” he said. “Your help has been extremely important because not only have you continued to amplify some of the things that we’re trying to do here, but you’ve been in the weeds and you’ve talked about the very policies that have been knocking around for a long time and that we finally have been able to get together and put into a plan. So I want to thank you for your advocacy as well.”

Ruhle replied: “Well, Jared, if you’re going to compliment me, there’s always more time for that in our show. We’re going to continue to cover this. Do you know why? Because policy matters. That’s how people’s lives change.”

The two then embraced and shared a deep lip lock as the chorus of Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” swelled in the background. It took five security guards 30 minutes to finally separate the two.

Okay, that didn’t really happen, but it might as well have, right?

The idea that a staffer for a politician would be bold enough to thank an alleged journalist for promoting their agenda should make anyone incredulous. It is not a reporter’s job to help a government official sell a policy proposal; it is their job to shine a light on the idea and inform the American public of the conversation surrounding it.


The Democrats and activist media must feel a sense of invulnerability since they won the presidency and the legislature, and this is the type of behavior that ensures their victory will be short-lived. Trust in the media has been languishing in the toilet for the past four years. At some point, the rest of the public will grow weary of propaganda instead of reporting. If supposed journalists continue functioning as activists, it won’t be long before that toilet is flushed.


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