Kamala Harris Advertises How Much of a Failure She's Been on the Border Crisis

The border is a disaster zone right now, with over 15,000 illegal immigrants released into the interior without even a follow-up court date set. Joe Biden and his administration have had — and continue to have — no answer for the influx except to virtue signal and deflect, and as if to try to make matters worse, Kamala Harris was appointed as the border czar.


Since that time, Harris has seemingly done absolutely nothing on the issue. It’s been reported that she’s meeting with heads of state, but at no point has even a hint of a plan to stem the tide been mentioned. Meanwhile, when a reporter dares to ask her about not visiting the border, Harris advertises how much of a failure she’s been.

When your only answer to a major issue that you are currently failing to address is “I’m not going to play political games,” you are, in actuality, playing political games. It’s an inadvertent admission that you won’t do something that obviously needs to be done in order to avoid the accountability that could possibly come along with that. Harris doesn’t want pictures of herself at a border that is overrun with illegal immigration and the drug cartels. Instead, she’d rather appear at crochet shops in Washington to the squees of the mainstream media.

This is yet another example of the hypocrisy of our current political moment. If Trump had this kind of disaster at the border, including having more “migrant children” in custody than ever before, it would be a national scandal if Mike Pence or Trump himself hadn’t visited, and it’s not just about the visual. A president or vice president going down there boosts morale for the CBP, but more importantly, it sends a message to those trying to come illegally that the issue is being taken seriously.


Nothing about what Harris is doing is sending that message, and the results speak for themselves. The current strategy appears to be to just ignore the situation while lying about its seriousness when the rare reporter presses them on it. It’s not just embarrassing, it’s dangerous. The longer this crisis at the border continues, the more people will die, and the more the drug cartels will be enriched. There were recent reports that coyotes were getting over $10,000 a head just to cross the border illegally. That’s not even counting the journey north from Central America. What do you think these drug cartels are doing with that money?

We are feeding the beast because our leaders are cowards. The Biden administration, including Harris, has failed in spectacular fashion. It’s long past time they get held accountable.



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