Tucker Carlson Says Things, Brian Stelter Gets Really Upset

Photo via Gage Skidmore

Tucker Carlson said some things, and Brian Stelter got triggered. That’s basically a recurring theme at this point, with CNN having an entire division that obsesses over the top-rated, cable news host.

That division is led by Brian Stelter, a journalist of such quality that he even writes his own chyrons sometimes.

In today’s episode of “what did Tucker say to make people gnash their teeth,” we have some light criticism of the media that got Stelter’s undergarments all in a bunch (at least he kept his pants on this time).

Tucker Carlson hates the media. What a stunning revelation? But Carlson also happens to be right. The media are made up of cowards who refuse to report on certain stories because of what they fear will be negative political consequences for their side, and rest assured, they have a side. I mean, maybe the “cringing animals” quip was a bit much, but on second thought, it wasn’t a bit much.

Stelter is like a small dog nipping at the heels of a giant. Tucker doesn’t even have to interact with the guy. After all, why give someone with such low ratings the attention?

Of course, Stelter’s assertion that journalists are punching up is nonsense. CNN got caught harassing an old lady for hosting a Facebook event it claimed to have been promoted by some Russians. Meanwhile, the latest example involves a healthcare professional who got doxxed and targeted because of a $10 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund.

Does this look like punching up to you?

Carlson is also right about there being no scrutiny of people like Jeff Bezos. Heck, Bezos owns The Washington Post, a liberal rag that never has a bad word to say about Amazon. CNN also lets billionaires off easy, as long as they proclaim the proper politics. But if you are Elon Musk, they’ll come after you for offering stock options instead of retirement payments.

As to Carlson’s colleagues at Fox News who “cover the news,” if they are liberal hacks, then the critique applies to them as well. Take Chris Wallace. He is indeed a coward who pats Nancy Pelosi on the back, fluffs Kamala Harris, but treats Republicans like Rand Paul like they are Satan himself. Let’s be real, Carlson has never had a problem telling the truth about others who work at Fox News. Stelter’s attempted gotcha isn’t a gotcha at all.

There’s a reason Carlson is where he is, and Stelter is hosting a weekend show while sniping at the ratings king. The former will continue to be prominent because he brings hard-hitting, original, thought-provoking commentary to a space that is sorely lacking in it. The latter will continue to be laughed at.