Officer in Jacob Blake Shooting Reinstated, No Charges Filed

AP Photo/David Goldman

Last year, Jacob Blake was shot by police, leading to widespread rioting and violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and elsewhere in the country. The facts of the Blake case, some of which took many months to come out, seemed to tell a different story than the predominant Black Lives Matter narrative, though.


Today, the officer who shot Blake was reinstated, and no criminal charges will be filed against him.

The Kenosha Police Department announced Tuesday that the officer who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake would be reinstated without charges after an independent investigation.

Wisconsin police officer Rusten Sheskey shot Blake seven times in the back following an August 2020 confrontation after Blake refused to follow police commands andd attempted to enter the driver’s side of his car. A knife was later discovered on the floorboard of the vehicle, according to NPR. Blake was ultimately left paralyzed.

The description above is a bit misleading, in my opinion. Some of the bullets hit Blake in the side. He also was not shot in the back while simply running away not posing a threat. He pulled away from the officer to reach into a car that contained a weapon and three children. Blake had already brandished the knife earlier. The officer reacted at that point, discharging his weapon.

Rioting erupted in Kenosha after the shooting, with multiple people killed in the chaos. It was only later in 2021 that police finally released their report confirming that Blake was armed.


As I’ve written in regards to this case in the past, if we are at the point where we can’t call this shooting justified, then we are asking police to do the impossible. I’m typically skeptical of police power, but there have to be reasonable standards in place. When a man assaults his girlfriend, brandishes a weapon, and then tries to get in a car with three children in it while having that weapon, an officer has to be able to respond with deadly force at that point. There was no way Blake could have been allowed to simply drive off with those kids in the car. To let that happen would have been a dereliction of duty, in my view.

I believe the officer being reinstated was the right move. Officers need to know that if they do things within the bounds of the law, they won’t be punished simply because the mob demands it. As to all the carnage that followed the Blake shooting, it is yet another black eye on the reactionary and garbage BLM movement that refuses to wait for the facts in any case.


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