New: Decision on Jacob Blake Shooting Charges Reached, Fears of Riots Grow

New: Decision on Jacob Blake Shooting Charges Reached, Fears of Riots Grow
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A decision has come down regarding whether any of the officers involved in the Jacob Blake shooting will be charged. The local District Attorney for Kenosha, Wisconsin has decided against it, signaling that the officers acted reasonably given Blake’s behavior and the circumstances of the situation.

This is a complicated case for several reasons. First, given that video shows Blake had a knife and that the knife was later found inside the car (likely because he dropped it after being shot trying to enter the vehicle), this isn’t a case were someone was simply unarmed and police overreacted. You can always second guess in these situations, but clearly, police did not just shoot this man without viable cause. Further, there’s also the fact that three children were in the car. The idea that Blake, even if he were unarmed (and there was a knife in the car), should have been allowed to get into a car full of kids and simply leave strikes me as absolutely insane. What if Blake takes them hostage? What if he kills one of them in an accident after leaving? What would people have said about the police then? The police had to make a split second decision based on several different obvious risk factors, and I don’t see how criminal charges could be warranted.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the media from immediately stoking the flames. The Washington Post is describing Blake as unarmed despite the pretense of a knife. It’s like they want to see rioting.

You may also recall that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, among others, have treated Blake as a marginalized victim instead of a man who had sexually assaulted a woman and possessed a knife while trying to drive off with three children. The constant mischaracterization of the situation by the media and politicians, done so for their own selfish political gain, has created a tinder box that is likely going to go up in flames following this decision. It’s a bad situation. Wisconsin’s Democrat governor has already mobilized the National Guard in preparation for this.

Let’s hope we don’t get a repeat of the last time riots happened in Kenosha, where two people died after trying to attack a young man named Kyle Rittenhouse. None of these “protests” accomplish anything but more death and destruction.

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